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November 23, 2009 10:00 ET

Typhoon Exploration: The Recent 3D Geoscientific Compilation Shows a Favourable Corridor of 2.5 Km of Length at Fayolle

LAVAL, QUEBEC CANADA--(Marketwire - Nov. 23, 2009) - Typhoon Exploration Inc.(TSX VENTURE:TYP) has the pleasure to reveal conclusion results of the ongoing 3D Gocad Geoscientific Compilation on the Fayolle Property.

The main objective of the compilation was to modellize the mineralized zones by entering and treating all the available data using GOCAD software in order to permit a better understanding of the deposits as well as to identify several pertinent anomalous zones and/or coincident anomalies (geological, geochemical and geophysical) near and around the Fayolle deposit and other occurrences (Mc Donald, Vang, Junior, Quebelle, Destorbelle and Aiguebelle-Goldfields). By extrapolation, the modelling will also help identify other important mineralized targets elsewhere on the property. Using drill sections and level plans, it was decided to group intermediate dykes and auriferous envelopes into families in order to facilitate the interpretation in 3D with GOCAD software. The following broad guidelines were retained during the 3D modelling in order to target other potential prospective areas for gold exploration.

Intermediate dyke systems and mineralized auriferous envelopes were defined using a simple 3D Model. This was accomplished with the help of drill sections and level plans.

Figure 1: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage1.jpg

The following elements are the most important elements retained during modelling in order to better target the other zones of high favorability for the exploration for gold mineralizations.

1) The compilation of the ground and airborne magnetic data clearly shows that the gold mineralizations of the Fayolle deposit as well as the Mc Donald, Vang, Junior, Quebelle, Destorbelle and Aiguebelle-Goldfields occurrences are located in the transition zone between low and high magnetic susceptibilities corresponding to a geological environment of komatiite and/or tufaceous units (Press Release of September 1, 2009).

Figure 2: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage2.jpg

2) In the Fayolle deposit and Mc Donald and Junior occurrences, the Normat alteration index (IAB) corresponding to an abtitization zone show two (2) strong anomalies of NW-SE orientation which are parallel to the North Manneville and Aiguebelle deformation corridors.

Figure 3: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage3.jpg

3) The Normat ankeritization index (IANK) underline 2 distinct axes, one NW-SE which is truncated by a second NNE-SSW increasing in intensity toward the NNE. In the SE part, two (2) strong anomalies were recognized and will be explored more in detail. In the NW part, a small anomaly corresponds to DDH FA-08-02 which will also be investigated by the future exploration efforts.

Figure 4: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage4.jpg

4) The Fayolle deposit is located immediately south of an E-W structure (fault) showing a dextral displacement of approximately 2 kilometers. The airborne magnetic survey highlights several other E-W structures. The Mc Donald, Junior, Quebelle, Aiguebelle-Goldfields and Destorbelle showings are also located at the south fringe of these E-W structures. Several NE-SW and N-S faults were interpreted from the magnetic survey.

Figure 5: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage5.jpg

5) During the data compilation, a new software GOCAD module (Targeting Workflow) was used and the assistance of Mrs. Francine Fallara, M.Sc. for URSTM. This module uses a statistical and probabilistical approach. In using this, several favourable sectors were identified for future exploration efforts. Based on five (5) basic elements recognized at the Fayolle deposit, these favourable exploration zones were observed. The five (5) used criteria were:

1) the magnetic susceptibility;

2) the Normat fire loss index (IPAF);

3) the Normat ankeritization index (IANK);

4) the Normat albitization index (IAB);

5) and the auriferous values.

The objective was to optimize the relationship between the magnetic susceptibility and albite, ankerite alterations and fire loss for the auriferous values for two (2) distinct ranges of assay values: less than 5 ppb to 50 ppb Au and from 50 ppb to 133,000 ppb Au. From these relationships, 2 percentile limits were chosen on the whole Voxet at the property scale.

The herebelow figure shows the targets which were defined for percentile 90. The Fayolle deposit and the Mc Donald showing live up along a NW-SE oriented axis.

Figure 6: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage6.jpg

A large probability or favourability zone is located 700 metres SE of the Mc Donald showing. According to the modelled constructed vertical view of this favourability target, this zone would reach a vertical depth of 400 metres.

Figure 7: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage7.jpg

The favourability model using a percentile 95 (Figure herebelow) shows again three (3) favourable zones which were identified using a percentile 90, but four (4) additional favourability zones stand out using the 95 percentile.

Four (4) favourability zones were identified inside a corridor of 2.5 km E-O by approximately 1.0 km NS from surface to more than 250 meters vertical. This favourable corridor includes a large zone in the south part of the Aiguebelle-Goldfields occurrence (Agnico-Eagle Mines option) and a strong favourability zone at more than 700 meters to the SE of the Mc Donald showing where an old DDH (AIG-97-14) had revealed anomalous gold values with more than 200 ppb Au within a porphyritic tonalite.

Figure 8: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage8.jpg

6) At Kerr Addison, Kishida and Kerrich (1987) calculated 3K/Al and Na/Al mole ratios to quantify the degree of sodium and potassium saturation for all lithologies. They inferred that sodium had been concentrated in albite, and potassium in sericite or fuchsite. Pure albite shows a Na/Al mole ratio of 1, whereas pure sericite or fuchsite shows a 3K/Al ratio of 1. Consequently, as the ratio approaches a value of 1, the degree of saturation in sodium and potassium progressively increases. The amount of sodium in a rock varies according to the availability of aluminium, thus by dividing Na and 3K by Al, it becomes possible to compare different lithologies. By adding the two ratios, the degree of saturation for sodium and potassium are monitored at the same time. This study was carried out on the Fayolle property and gave interesting results targeting certain sectors which correspond with those of the study by GOCAD's "Targeting Workflow" module.

Figure 9: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/enImage9.jpg

The Fayolle property is located in the Rouyn-Noranda mining camp. It overlies the famous Destor-Porcupine Tectonic zone and Manneville North deformation zone where these structures form a "Y" junction (shadow zone). The Destor-Porcupine Tectonic zone is host to several well-known gold deposits (past and present producers such as Kerr Addison (11M oz Au), Holloway (4.29 Mt @ 5.7 g/t Au), Holt-McDermott (7.42 Mt @ 5.6 g/t Au)). Typhoon Exploration's Fayolle Property is located along 15 kilometres of this favourable deformation corridor, which runs from eastern Ontario across western Quebec in Abitibi.

The Fayolle deposit contains 848,600 tonnes at 1.4 g/t Au of Indicated resources and 6,568,600 tonnes at 0.7 g/t Au of Inferred resources (Press Releases January 19th and February 21st, 2007). These resources are NI 43-101 compliant.


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