April 15, 2008 15:03 ET

U3O8.BIZ Live at the 2008 Canadian Uranium Symposium

Vancouver-Based Uranium News Provider Questions "Nuclear Renaissance"

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - April 15, 2008) - Uranium news website goes live with second in a series of podcasts on the uranium industry. In this broadcast, managing editor Luke Brocki sits down with Jim McKenzie, president and CEO of Ucore Uranium and chair and moderator of the 2008 Canadian Uranium Symposium.

About 60 delegates gathered in Vancouver's Four Seasons Hotel earlier this month to share ideas about the nuclear sector. They included industry professionals, regulators, government representatives, and consultants praising the nuclear renaissance.

But is a nuclear renaissance possible in this current climate of floundering spot prices of uranium and tanking stock prices of uranium companies?

The streaming, 20-minute audio interview with the man behind the 2008 Canadian Uranium Symposium is a valuable new resource for the industry.

Questions tackled include:

--  Why are global deals failing to rouse a sleeping spot market?
--  Why do uranium stock prices remain oversold?
--  How does one recognize a successful junior in a shrinking
--  How is growing global enthusiasm affecting the market?
--  What's expected for the rest of 2008 and beyond?

"There's such a preponderance of preauthorized market information and carefully worded news releases that goes out into the marketplace," said McKenzie after the interview. "Meanwhile, is looking for real answers. Luke is pursuing a route the industry very much needs, which is in-depth investigative journalism. He's answering real questions and investors will be drawn to that." offers uranium investors and the industry comprehensive news, views and commentary on all aspects of the uranium business, including information on the industry's leading companies, players, newsmakers and events.

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