April 27, 2010 08:57 ET

uTest Launches Version 3.0 of Crowdsourced Software Testing Platform

Company Launches Next-Generation Tools for a Faster, More Intuitive Testing Experience

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - April 27, 2010) - uTest, the world's largest software testing marketplace, today launched version 3.0 of its software testing platform to provide its customers and testers with a faster and more intuitive user experience. The third generation of the platform includes a revamped user interface, easy-to-use wizards, an enhanced tester rating system and new collaboration tools.

Additionally, a new API and improved infrastructure enable uTest to seamlessly add functionality; integrate with third-party apps; as well as support entirely new testing services in the future.

"Version 3.0 is a direct reflection and result of all that we've learned in the past 18 months from our customers, community and more than 1,000 completed test projects," said Doron Reuveni, CEO of uTest. "uTest's new platform produces a faster and more powerful experience for both our customers and testers, further positioning uTest as the leader in functional, performance and usability testing."

Top Five Innovations in uTest v3.0:

1. Rich User Interface
Version 3.0 has a new, polished UI which provides a simpler and more powerful experience, such as more intuitive navigation from bug-to-bug or project-to-project, as well as rich media interactivity. For example, on any table or list, all columns can be re-sized or re-arranged using a simple drag-and-drop and can be easily filtered to find the exact information customers need.

2. Enhanced Tester Rating System
Customers now have more visibility into the past performance ratings and overall reputation of each tester. The new system is based on each tester's participation levels and the quality of each tester's participation.

Participation is based on activity levels, which include the number of bugs, test cases, and/or surveys completed. The quality of each tester's participation is based on bug approval percentage, approval percentage of completed test cases (or usability surveys), as well as how accurately a tester classifies the type and severity of each bug. The testers with the top overall rankings will be given gold, silver and bronze tester badges to denote their special status.

3. Easy-To-Use Test Cycle Wizards
The new version also includes helpful new wizards for both customers and testers. The test cycle creation wizard helps customers create projects, select the right testers, and specify what is in-scope or out-of-scope to ensure each part of the test project is well-documented. Testers also get the benefit of an intuitive wizard to review test cycles thoroughly, report bugs and communicate directly with uTest or other testers.

4. New Collaboration Tools: The Tester Messenger
New messaging tools help customers, testers and the uTest project manager stay on the same page in real time, and get what they need from each bug report. Customers can now ask for more information about any bug by marking it as "Need More Info." The tester who reported the bug is then notified and based on the tester's response, the customer can either approve or reject the bug.

5. Improved Infrastructure, API & Integration
The platform's new architecture enables better scalability and vastly improved performance, such as faster page load times around the world. In addition, the new, open APIs enable uTest to easily expand its testing offering, as well as better integrate with customer, partner and third-party apps. This includes bug tracking systems, test case management systems, survey tools and analytics tools.

For more details, visit Version 3.0 - A Better, Faster, More Powerful uTest on uTest's Software Testing Blog.

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