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February 28, 2012 12:47 ET

uberlife to Launch at SXSW

UK-Based Start-Up to Bring Location-Based Hangouts to States

LONDON--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2012) - UK-based startup uberlife will officially launch its iPhone app in the U.S. at South by Southwest (SXSW). A real-world location-based social network and community, uberlife makes it easy for individuals to hang out with their online networks in offline settings.

Social networks give us the tools to connect with friends and family easily, instantly and frequently online. uberlife brings that same ease and opportunity to "offline" interactions, informal get-togethers, and events.

While most social apps today are for sharing moments of our lives with our friends and networks, uberlife is about making those moments happen. After launching the alpha version of the uberlife iPhone app, uberlife API, and HTML5 Website to a small but fast-growing audience from the tech-community in London, the company has seen growing interest among people across the world. Thousands of people are already using uberlife to create impromptu experiences -- making hanging out easier, faster and more fun.

"Meeting up with friends can take a lot of pre-planning and back-and-forth emails and texts. uberlife simplifies the process, helping you find people to do things with, when you want to do them," explained uberlife CEO and founder Sanchita Saha. "South by Southwest provides an invaluable first opportunity to tap into the U.S. digital community, while testing uberlife hangouts with SXSW bands, speakers and influencers who want to connect in real-time with fans, followers and peers."

uberlife is the fastest and easiest way to find people to hang out with wherever you go by leveraging the breadth of users' online social connections and activating them offline. After downloading the app, users sign-in with Facebook or Twitter. They can then discover, plan and share what they plan to do with their friends that day or in the near-term by creating a hangout and broadcasting where they are or intend to be. For example, a group of friends could set up a casual hangout at local coffee shop for Sunday brunch, a band could create an after show hangout with its fans during its one night in town, or a single user could create a Friday night hangout at a local bar or club and watch it turn into a serendipitous gathering of friends, friends-of-friends and other likeminded people in the uberlife community.

Additional uberlife features and details include:

  • Imported and user-generated interests: Users can import their Facebook Likes and follow interest-based tags to receive recommendations of nearby hangouts arranged by others from the uberlife community.

  • Building trust: uberlife is a friend-of-a-friend network that you can join either through an invite to attend a hangout or from one of five direct invites that each new member gets upon joining the service.

  • Follow & friendship model: uberlife members can follow anyone in the network to receive email or iPhone notifications when those people create hangouts. But two people following each other in uberlife will only become "friends" once they've attended the same hangout.

  • A beta version of the uberlife app is available today in the US within the iTunes store. Blackberry and Android users can access uberlife via the uberlife mobile Website.

About uberlife and CitySocializing Ltd.

uberlife makes hanging out with your online networks and new, likeminded people in "offline" settings easier, faster and more fun. While most social apps today are for sharing moments of our lives with our friends and networks, uberlife is about making those moments happen. Now available in the iTunes App Store, uberlife simplifies and speeds up the process of finding and coordinating friends and people to do things with, when you want to do them. You just create a "hangout" to let friends, followers, and your local uberlife community know what you're going to do, where and when, and see who's up for hanging out.

The uberlife iPhone app, API and HTML5 website are developed by and is an offshoot of CitySocialising Ltd. CitySocialising Ltd is headquartered in London and raised $1.57 million (£1m) Series A funding from PROfounders Capital last year to develop and bring uberlife to the market. For more information, visit

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