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July 09, 2015 12:07 ET

Uber's Free Ride is Coming to an End!

Co-op Cab's Campaign a Big Win as Uber Faces Crackdown Following Toronto City Council Vote

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 9, 2015) - After months of campaigning for the City of Toronto to begin regulating Uber and enforcing its own bylaws, Toronto City Council has voted overwhelmingly in favour of reviewing the bylaws governing the taxi industry and cracking down on Uber.

City Council voted to launch the review, and the crackdown, days after Mayor John Tory held a high-profile meeting with cab companies including Co-op Cabs and representatives from Uber.

"We have been calling on the City for quite some time now to introduce one set of rules for the entire industry and to level the playing field," says Peter Zahakos, CEO of Co-op Cabs. "And that is exactly what is about to happen. Our campaign has clearly resonated not only with the people of Toronto but also with the government. This is a big win for the riding public."

With the slogans Do You Know Who's Driving You?, and Friends Don't Let Friends Take Uber X, Co-op Cabs raised questions about personal safety and the risks associated with riding in an unmarked UberX car and took a leadership position urging the city to take action against UberX.

For months UberX has been allowed to operate outside any rules. Not just the city's taxi rules but insurance rules allowing their drivers to use personal vehicles to transport passengers without proper commercial insurance.

"From the start our position has been one of concern for public safety while also pushing the city to create a level playing field so taxis can compete against new technologies," says Zahakos. "The city has now stepped up and heard our pleas. In the coming weeks we will see new rules for the taxi industry. Mayor Tory said we will see one set of rules for all. He said this clearly and we will hold him to that. However, until we see these new rules go into place we expect law enforcement to do its job and stop UberX from operating outside the rules. "

Zahakos adds "We look forward to working wIth the mayor and with Uber on this new framework, and to serving Torontonians during the Pan Am Games. Thousands of athletes and tourists are here to see what we offer. Let's show them what we do best by offering safe, fast service with a smile. Again we ask our colleagues NOT to disrupt these events. We have been heard and are moving forward in a positive direction."

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