February 10, 2009 13:51 ET

UC HUB Group, Inc. Completes Second Assay Re-Confirming Gold

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 10, 2009) - UC Hub Group, Inc. (OTCBB: UCHB) re-confirms gold with the second assay (Florin in Reno and Jacobs in Tucson) on the same Arizona property. Jacobs provided the second assay and Florin Analytical Services provided the first assay and confirmation of gold per below. Florin did a fire assay on the concentrate, high-grade gold and silver with gravimetric finish. The higher gold result was 7.060 oz/st and the low was 1.156 oz/st as stated below.

Florin Analysis:

Sample 1A Conc Average 1.895 Gold oz/st

Sample 1B Conc Average 7.060 Gold oz/st

Sample 1C Conc Average 1.156 Gold oz/st

Sample 2A Conc Average .883 Gold oz/st

Sample 2B Conc Average .711 Gold oz/st

Residues 1 - .003 gold oz/st

Residues 2 - .003 gold oz/st - Jacobs Assay - 2.06 oz/st - fire assay

As part of this due diligence the Company sent a measured sample of concentrate from the same area referred to as Area 1 (per samples 1a, 1b, and 1c above). The Arizona Assay results re-confirmed Gold again, with a 2.06 oz/ton. Two separate chemists and labs have now confirmed that gold exists on the Wickenburg Property and the range of gold in a particular zone is from 2.06 oz/ton to 7.06 oz/ton. The Company has all the longitude and latitude way points for these gold finds.

The Company also did an acid digestion with a focus on Tellurium. This was and is not the focus of the company but we did this analysis for various other strategic reasons. The report is also available on the web site.

The redundancy with chemical analysis assay labs was paid for with the goal of confirming gold on the property and to give the shareholder and the management some freedom to actually deploy and mine. The Company has unshackled its concern about the presence of gold and as these independent assays confirm for everyone, there is no doubt that gold is present.

The Company will now begin a more aggressive process concurrent with the analysis of the other mines. The Company is grateful to the shareholders for their patience with this process. As long as management continues with due diligence and good faith we hope to remove latent fears while adding hope and faith with the company's choices and integrity. We welcome new shareholders to our future, our mergers and acquisitions and to a time honored relationship with the Company.

Safe Harbor Provision

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