May 21, 2013 15:10 ET

Udi's and Best-Selling Author Silvana Nardone Make Meals Fun and Easy for Busy Gluten-Free Families

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - Best-selling cookbook author Silvana Nardone shared some great insight into what can be learned from a gluten-free household about spending quality time together around the dinner table and how all families can experience fun and delicious meals.

Raising her son Isaiah, who needs to eat gluten-free, Silvana knew firsthand the importance of preparing quick family meals, as well as the need for tasty gluten-free options.

At first, she found it difficult to feed the whole family delicious and healthy meals, but today, with gluten free products, like Udi's, widely available, the family's meal options seem limitless.

In most households across the country, kids aren't actively involved in the cooking process, but since Silvana' s family became a gluten-free family, they now view dinner time as an opportunity to involve both her son and daughter in the cooking process and teach them that making wholesome choices doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice taste.

Silvana says that she sees other gluten-free families, like her own, cook at home more often -- typically 6 to 7 nights a week -- because eating out or grabbing something on the go is not always an option. By incorporating a few ready-made ingredients into recipes, such as Udi's Gluten Free tortillas or pizza crusts, family meal time can be fun and easy.

Silvana then shared her recipe for Chicken Rancheros Taco Bowls, an easy to make, full flavored, fun gluten free meal featuring Udi's new gluten-free tortillas.

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