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March 08, 2005 22:25 ET

UFCW Canada: Democracy Loses to Wal-Mart Canada Intimidation



MARCH 8, 2005 - 22:25 ET

UFCW Canada: Democracy Loses to Wal-Mart Canada

WINDSOR, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 8, 2005) - The Ontario Labour
Relations Board (OLRB) has been asked to consider a second certification
vote at a Windsor, Ontario Wal-Mart following charges Wal-Mart conducted
a campaign of intimidation leading to a up to a certification vote held
at the store on Tuesday.

The vote was conducted by the OLRB with ballots being cast at the store
throughout the day concluding at 9:30 p.m. When the ballots were tallied
the OLRB determined that a majority of the declined to form a union for

"We're disappointed for the workers but we're not surprised," said
Michael J. Fraser, national director of UFCW Canada. "The vote
demonstrated Wal-Mart's fear tactics worked."

"A month ago Wal-Mart posted a notice on the Windsor lunchroom bulletin
board announcing they would be closing a store in Jonquiere that
recently unionized. And throughout this week department managers were
taking employees one by one out to the parking lot to sign anti-union
petitions," explained Fraser.

"Wal-Mart only talks about workplace democracy when the workers are
trying to join a union so they can intimidate them. The rest of the time
it's 'do what you're told or get out'. Today democracy lost out to
Wal-Mart's intimidation," said Fraser," but our support for these
workers isn't over yet."

On Monday UFCW Canada filed unfair labour practice charges against
Wal-Mart. Those charges detail a pattern of worker intimidation and
harassment at the Windsor store in the months leading up to today's
vote. Additional charges, substantiated by former and current Wal-Mart
employees, detail a campaign to sabotage a previous union at the store
that left a paper trail leading back to the office of then Ontario
Premier Mike Harris.

"Wal-Mart Canada has been found guilty four times of intimidating
employees during a union campaign; twice just in the last four months in
Quebec, " said Fraser.

"The first time was in Windsor in 1994. Ten years later they are at it
again because the only rules that Wal-Mart goes by are its own."

The new charges against Wal-Mart will be heard by the OLRB at hearings
scheduled March 30, April 4 and 5, 2005.


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