June 30, 2014 12:10 ET

Ufora Launches Emergency Department Risk Assessment Solution

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 30, 2014) - Ufora, a leading provider of data science solutions, announced today the launch of the Ufora ED Risk Assessment solution. Through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Test Drive program, Ufora provides a live demonstration of its alerting system for medical professionals. The Ufora ED Risk Assessment solution identifies -- in real time -- patients who are most likely to return to the Emergency Department in the near future and highlights the reason.

The AWS Test Drive program enables potential customers to explore cloud-based technology solutions in a lightweight, easy-to-explore environment. The Ufora ED Risk Assessment Test Drive configures and allocates AWS resources on-demand, at no cost to users. Interested customers can quickly evaluate Ufora's technology solution in this Test Drive through a preconfigured Risk Assessment case study.

In this particular case study, Ufora demonstrates its ability to help healthcare providers reduce readmission rates among their Emergency Department patients. The Ufora ED Risk Assessment Solution can connect directly to EHR systems and uses advanced predictive analytics and data science to forecast which patients are likely to return to the Emergency Department at any given time -- this prediction can then be used by the healthcare provider to proactively reach out to patients before they require urgent care.

"Lowering emergency department readmission rates is a huge area of concern for our customers," said Steven Benario, Ufora's Product Manager. "Not only does it lead to healthier patients, but knowing which patients to reach out to before they have to return to the hospital can greatly reduce the cost of patient care. We're excited to bring this solution to AWS, to make it easier for customers to experience how the Ufora Platform can help improve healthcare outcomes."

Medical professionals and interested data scientists can access the free Ufora Test Drive at

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