September 15, 2015 09:00 ET

UGE onDEMAND to Provide Cost-Savings, Backup Power to Businesses

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 15, 2015) - UGE International Ltd. ("UGE") (TSX VENTURE: UG) (OTCQB: UGEIF), a global leader in distributed renewable energy, today launched UGE onDEMAND, a full energy storage solution for businesses. UGE onDEMAND combines Samsung's lithium-ion battery technology and Princeton Power Systems' energy management technology, with UGE's project financing and system design expertise, for a complete energy storage solution. UGE onDEMAND will help commercial customers reduce their electricity bills through peak demand management, while increasing resilience during grid outages and the potential for penetration of distributed solar.

"At UGE we are constantly striving to provide businesses with more affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy through the use of best-in-class renewable energy solutions," said Nick Blitterswyk, CEO of UGE. "Through technology advancements and decreasing battery costs, we are now able to leverage energy storage to provide immediate benefits to businesses. Our ability to offer project financing, along with the attractive underlying economics of our solution, ensures savings from day one."

UGE onDEMAND uses modular 31kWh Samsung lithium-ion battery system with 100kW and 250kW inverter options. The batteries have efficiency greater than 95%, with an extended life cycle of more than 3,000 cycles. The inverter is typically connected to the grid, but contains built-in functionality to automatically disconnect during extreme weather, blackouts, or other circumstances that take down the main power grid. The solution can span project capacities from 100kWh to several MWh.

Demand charges comprise nearly one-third of energy costs for commercial clients. UGE onDEMAND lowers peak demand charges from the utility, while also providing load shifting, thereby offsetting clients' most expensive electricity rates with energy from cheaper times of the day. In markets where net metering is either capped or not permitted, UGE onDEMAND allows clients to maximize their usage of solar, which often represents the most cost effective source of energy available.

"Utility prices are rising, and climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme weather events. Our solution increases resiliency by turning an intermittent power supply into one with consistent output," said Timothy Woodcock, Assistant Director of Business Development at UGE. "We will help our clients keep their businesses running, no matter what."

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