October 11, 2006 09:00 ET

UGENmedia, Pioneer in User-Generated Advertising, Launches Company

New Platform Allows Marketers to Unleash Consumer Passion as Part of Their Marketing Plan

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 11, 2006 -- UGENmedia, a provider of user-generated marketing solutions, was launched today offering advertisers, ad agencies and publishers the tools and services to incorporate consumer passion into their online marketing plans. The UGENmedia solution provides a patent-pending, web-based platform that integrates with an existing web site, allowing brands to efficiently collect, distribute and measure the performance of consumer-generated marketing. Visitors to the site are provided with easy-to-use tools for publishing their own video, audio, photo and text media spots.

MSHC Partners, the nation's leading online political advertising agency, is among UGENmedia's first clients. MSHC Partners and its client, The Sunlight Foundation, teamed up with UGENmedia to build "Congress in :30 Seconds" -- a new awareness program that enables citizens to mix and match text, video, and audio tracks to create and share their own 30-second video explaining what they think members of Congress do with their time (

"User-generated content is not just a fad -- it is a critical component of any new marketing campaign," said Michael Bassik, Vice President of Internet Advertising at MSHC Partners. "UGENmedia's ability to empower consumers and include their voices in a larger communication plan makes their services invaluable to today's smart marketers and a perfect compliment to our existing traditional and viral marketing plans."

UGENmedia provides marketers with a complete service offering for user-generated marketing, including:

--  Access to a passionate community of consumers
--  An easy-to-use, feature-rich web-based application
--  Integration with a marketer's website for private-labeling of the
--  An extensive analytics package for reporting purposes
--  Filtering controls to monitor user submissions

UGENmedia's experienced management team is comprised of digital marketing veterans Adam Benjamin, former Vice President and General Manager of the Email Solutions division for DoubleClick Inc., a leading provider of digital marketing technologies and services, and Roger Jehenson, former Senior Vice President of Publisher Solutions at Right Media, a media services company based in New York.

The company's board of advisors includes Silicon Alley pioneer Robert Levitan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Pando; experienced industry entrepreneur Joel Smernoff, President and Chief Operating Officer, Paltalk; and seasoned business development executive/marketer Joy Marcus, Senior Vice President, Time Warner Global Marketing.

"Until now, there was no standard for passionate consumers and marketers to engage each other in a brand dialogue," said Adam Benjamin, Co-founder, UGENmedia. "UGENmedia gives marketers a standard solution, including a customizable workflow, administrative and filtering tools for approving or rejecting user-generated spots and superior reporting functionality. By unleashing the passion and creativity of the consumer, marketers can now benefit from low-cost creative execution, positive brand awareness and viral customer acquisition."

User-generated content sites, such as platforms for photo sharing, video sharing and blogging, comprised five out of the top 10 fastest growing web brands in July, according to research from Nielsen//NetRatings, and 75% of all online adult consumers and 92% of online youth use one or more forms of user-generated online content, according to Forrester Research. UGENmedia's business model leverages the user-generated content phenomenon, giving marketers, publishers and consumers a structured opportunity to share and distribute user-generated marketing concepts.

About UGENmedia

UGENmedia, a leading provider of user-generated marketing solutions, offers advertisers, ad agencies and publishers the tools and services to incorporate consumer passion into their online marketing plan. UGENmedia provides a patent-pending platform that allows marketers to efficiently collect, distribute, and measure the performance of consumer-created video, audio, text and photo media spots while providing an interactive branding and social networking experience for the consumer.

Founded by marketers for marketers, UGENmedia provides a unique, cost-efficient data acquisition opportunity and offers passionate consumers an innovative and structured way to join a brand dialogue. The company is based in New York City. More information can be found at

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