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April 06, 2005 08:00 ET

Uh, Dude, Where's My... Pharmacy Game?

For the Bogart Co-Ed Stoner in All of Us

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 6, 2005 -- Pharmacy is a sassy, new adult board game that'll make buzz-kill Scrabble nights a thing of the past. Testing your knowledge of legal (and illegal) drugs, alcohol and pop culture, the objective is to net points by correctly answering Trivia Card questions and earning or losing points from situations that arise through the Karma Cards.

Game pieces come in 10 different co-ed characters, and you must choose this persona wisely since you'll experience their fate throughout the game. Pieces include a crooked Politician, a nicotine-addled Yuppie and a Guru with questionable ethics.

The Trivia Cards include questions such as:

Who can legally inject peyote?

A) Members of a Native North American church
B) Cops
C) Members of any clergy
D) Taxpayers
To learn the answers, you must land on the hysterically funny and dysfunctional game board. Karma Cards can send your character to court, the hospital or Big Amy's Rehab, and includes addictive adventures like these:

· You're so loaded you take a curbside sobriety nap. Earn 5 points for being a responsible drunk.

· At the third annual Hooka-Crack Fiesta, you get busted by an undercover hooker-cop. Go directly to jail!

Pharmacy retails for $29.95 at select retailers nationwide, at,, or by calling 800-289-8103.

WARNING: Pharmacy is not recommended for folks under 18 or anyone who thinks it's wrong. Any resemblance to people living, dead or you is purely coincidental. So roll the dice and don't hoover that line, ya' junkie.

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