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August 22, 2012 01:00 ET

UK Motorists Cannot Live Without Sat-Navs

Asda Money offers top tips on how to look after your vehicle in a cost effective way.

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 22, 2012) - A growing number of UK motorists are turning to their satellite navigation system for direction. Many confess to not being able to live without it.* Whilst sat-navs are loved by many, Asda Money warns that additional car features, such as roadside assistance, should also be considered.

Sat navs have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Once dismissed as simply another accessory for car fanatics, sat navs have now become an essential product for millions of motorists.

The navigation device has changed the driving habits of UK motorists to the point where they cannot live without one.

A survey found that drivers are willing to put sat navs at the top of their must-have car gadgets, above air conditioning and in-car stereo systems.**

Relying on digital navigation systems as a replacement for maps and traditional navigation systems might not always be the best method for seeking directions though.

As a number of people put significant faith in their direction-giving gadget, they may fail to consider common sense and could ultimately end up with a sat nav slip up.

Misspelling a location could take drivers on the wrong route or an inaccurate postcode could send motorists several miles out of their planned destination.

Trusting in satellite navigation systems could prevent motorists from using their own initiative to take action if they feel they are heading the wrong way.

Getting lost in an unknown destination could cause panic and apprehension, especially if the vehicle was to breakdown.

Breaking down in an unfamiliar location could be distressing for motorists, especially if they do not have any form of cover in place.

Asda Money research*** shows that over a quarter (27%) of UK motorists fail to check their tyre pressure frequently. A fifth of drivers check their engine oil only when they remember and over 16% of people check their lights only when the vehicle is being serviced.

Before going on long journeys, not only would it be advisable to make some essential vehicle checks but it would also be worth considering taking out breakdown cover.

Notes to editor

*Auto Express Product Awards. Readers Award for Best car accessory: Sat Nat. Source: 09/05/12 BRITONS CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT SAT-NAVS, Auto Express.

**As listed in the Auto Express Product Awards. Source: 09/05/12 BRITONS CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT SAT-NAVS, Auto Express.

***Asda Insurance Research (Nov 2011) 27.41% of 743 people surveyed said they checked their tyre pressure only when they remembered. 22.80% checked their engine oil level using a dipstick only when they remembered and 16.17% of people only check lights only when a vehicle is serviced.

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