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September 05, 2013 08:01 ET

Ulticom Upgrades Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) to Ease Network Configuration Maintenance and Contain Signaling Storms With Advanced Congestion Controls

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2013) - Ulticom, the industry leader in signaling solutions, announces the availability of Release 4.0 of its Industry leading Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC). 

Release 4.0 includes three key features: Virtual IP Management, Congestion Management, and IPX Hub capabilities. Virtual IP Management dramatically simplifies network configuration and ongoing network administration by providing flexibility in addressing schemes. Congestion Management provides additional tools to combat potentially disastrous signaling storms. Lastly a new operational use case key to IPX Providers has been implemented.

Virtual IP Management - Mobile Network Operators are reluctant to change or reassign IP Address within their network since it requires additional, costly steps to re-provision other network nodes. With Virtual IP Management, a standard function of the Ulticom DSC, IP Addresses can be permanently assigned so Peers (clients and servers) need only be provisioned once. They need not be reprovisioned as a DSC is reconfigured for traffic volume growth or component failure. During operation, the DSC Manager controls the Virtual IP addresses associated with a DSC. It can move them as required to ensure smooth operation in the event of local outages or even geographic level events.

Congestion Management - The Ulticom DSC employs highly configurable mechanisms to manage signaling traffic congestion for itself and for its associated Peers and Peer Groups. Real time data collected at each node is compared to configurable congestion criteria and is used to monitor the status of the DSC and of each of its Peers. Action Lists (programmable rules) provide highly configurable response to changes in congestion. Responses to congestion can be finely tuned to enable high value traffic to be prioritized and preserved during abnormal congestion situations. Transaction rate limiting can be used to prevent nodes from receiving higher traffic loads than they are rated to handle. Signaling storms are contained -- and not allowed to propagate.

IPX Hub - In Release 4.0, the Ulticom DSC also supports an increasingly important use case -- the IPX Hub. The IPX Hub provides core Diameter routing and interworking within the domain of an IPX Provider. It interfaces to Diameter Edge Agents (DEA) from multiple network operators and vendors, manages security, enforces SLAs, collects charging settlement data, and provides protection for the attached networks from congestion and overload.

"Ulticom's 4.0 DSC release underscores our ongoing commitment to manage the challenges of LTE network scaling and interoperability," says Bruce Swail, CEO. "Our Diameter Signaling Controller product is now rich with functionality to take on today's real world signaling challenges."

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Mr. Fisker will present an overview of the state of LTE Roaming with an emphasis on Diameter Signaling. He will talk about roaming issues, both current and evolving, for LTE Data, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and messaging. Included will be practical, real-world, examples of interworking solutions Ulticom has deployed as this dynamic field evolves. In this presentation, Mr. Fisker will describe why Diameter Signaling has become essential to the future of Roaming, and why a Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) is a critical component for network revenue growth.

During LTE Asia, Ulticom will be exhibiting advanced Diameter Signaling technology solutions in the POD Zone. Come discuss your real-world challenges with our knowledgeable staff, find out how we are solving these challenges today, and follow up your topics of interest from the Signaling Focus Day. Ulticom Diameter products include the Ulticom Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC), Diameter SS7 Gateway (D7G), Diameter stack.

Learn how to manage and profit from smart phone driven growth and control impacts to the network from Kim Fisker and a variety of industry experts. 

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The Ulticom DSC provides Mobile Network Operators, Roaming Hub Operators, and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers with a turn-key, Linux-based software solution that can be incrementally deployed as a stand-alone system, or can be easily integrated into new or existing products. 

The Ulticom DSC is suitable for deployment as a Centralized Router, a Diameter Load Balancer, a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), a Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), or an IPX Hub. DEA and IPX Hub functionality supports LTE Roaming while DRA functionality provides advanced policy management signaling routing (IP-CAN Binding). The Ulticom Diameter Product Family also provides the ability to interwork between Diameter and SS7 networks -- enabling 2G-3G-4G integration.

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