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November 11, 2010 09:00 ET

UltraCell Demonstrated 3-Up Portable Fuel Cell's Power Generating, Battery Charging Capabilities at Army's Nett Warrior Exercise

LIVERMORE, CA--(Marketwire - November 11, 2010) - UltraCell Corporation, a leading producer of portable fuel cells, today announced that the company provided fuel cell systems for the Portable Power Excursion (PPE) tests earlier this month at Fort Riley, KS, as part of the U.S. Army's Nett Warrior exercise Limited User Test (LUT). UltraCell sent several XX25 3-Up, XX55 3-Up and XX55 fuel cell systems to the tests, demonstrating the systems' capabilities as an integrated soldier portable power generator and battery charger.

Nett Warrior, managed by the Army's Product Manager Ground Soldier, is a set of Soldier-worn, battle tracking technologies that provide dismounted Soldiers with increased situational awareness, better reaction time and reduced risk of fratricide. During the exercises, a Nett Warrior-equipped Rifle platoon, along with all of its organic radio power consumers, consumed the power of 140 batteries per day.

Rechargeable batteries are a key element of the Nett Warrior system, offering reduced costs and logistics tail. However, battery charging in remote conditions can be problematic. UltraCell's fuel cell battery charger system -- the 3-Up -- can help enable the use of such batteries even in austere conditions.

UltraCell's 3-Up system is an ideal multifunctional solution for an exercise such as PPE and Nett Warrior, as it can provide power for remote, off-grid environments where generating power and recharging electronic devices is crucial. The unit combines UltraCell's existing reformed methanol fuel cell (RMFC) technology and award-winning extended runtime fuel tanks with Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) packaging and an innovative power Director.

"One of the most pressing problems for soldiers serving in remote locations is a lack of reliable generator/vehicle-independent battery chargers," said UltraCell CEO Keith Scott. "UltraCell has the only solution on the market today which not only provides a lightweight, extended runtime battery charger, but also offers the ability to provide power for a wide range of electronics equipment."

The 3-Up is designed to deliver a modular, scalable portable power solution by combining various fuel cell platforms to operate as a customizable system based on the user's needs. Mobility is enhanced by the MOLLE, providing convenient personal carriage, as well as fast reconfiguration of the system for higher or lower power outputs. This approach is ideal for soldiers in the field who are required to charge batteries and power a range of electronic equipment including rugged laptops, satellite communications devices and military radios.

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UltraCell is a leading producer of fuel cell systems for mobile devices. The company has developed new micro fuel cell technologies and intellectual property in the field of methanol-based fuel cells. Its patented, award-winning portable fuel cell, the XX25™, achieved Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 status, a significant U.S. Army milestone and certification for military use and commercial production. For more information about UltraCell, please visit

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