December 10, 2014 12:15 ET

Umano Launches Audio Publishing Platform for Writers to Narrate and Monetize Their Own Content

New Service Solidifies Umano as an End-to-End Audio Publishing Solution to Make the Web's Written Content Listenable

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2014) - Umano, the audio publishing and distribution platform, has announced Umano for Writers, a free new service that allows writers to narrate their own work and monetize content within the listeners' community. While writers already benefit from having their content narrated and shared on Umano, this new service grants them more control over their own content and how it's delivered to expanded distribution channels, including automotive and wearable tech.

Umano for Writers serves as a new content-delivering medium that enables writers and publishers to record and share their online articles in audio format. Writers can easily grow their followings and generate new revenue on a Cost Per Impression (CPM) model. The platform also provides its content creators with a suite of analytics tools that allows them to monitor their overall content performance.

Journalists, authors, and bloggers alike, can use Umano Studio -- a custom-built, web-based voice recording application featuring a simple user experience, automatic sound processing for white-noise removal, and level normalization -- to effortlessly record high-quality audio for broad distribution to Umano's listening community. The service enables users with little or no voice-over experience to record and publish a 2,000-word article with professional sound quality in less than ten minutes.

With Umano for Writers, publishers will have the ability to share their written content with thousands of listeners, creating more of a personal relationship between people and the content they consume.

"At Forbes, we want our content to be accessible wherever people are, on all platforms. That means thinking about not just text and video, but also audio. We have been working with Umano to deliver our narrated articles on smartphones and are thrilled to further extend the reach of our content," said Andrea Spiegel, ‎Senior Vice President, Product Development and Video at Forbes.

John Boitnott, a technology writer for publications such as USA Today - Tech, Inc., and Entrepreneur, says, "It is highly valuable for me to have this additional method of disseminating my reports to thousands of people who would never have had the chance to enjoy them otherwise. I feel like this service has the potential to grow not only the audience of the journalist but also that of the publication involved."

Umano for Writers gives content creators ultimate control over how they grow their personal brands, expand their publishing footprint, and drive personal revenue. Umano's listeners still benefit from being able to consume their content at their convenience but now with more personal connection to the writers they follow.

"The addition of Umano for Writers brings our vision to develop a complete end-to-end audio publishing solution full circle," said Ian Mendiola, Co-founder and CEO of Umano. "Writers, publishers, and listeners now create a self-sustaining cycle of content creation, distribution and revenue generation on our platform where everyone wins."

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