February 26, 2015 09:12 ET

Umbel and PlaceWise Media Partner to Help Brands Target and Convert Shoppers in More Than 650 U.S. Malls

Customer Data Platform Enables Advertisers, Brands and Retail Real Estate Companies to Better Understand and Respond to Shoppers on the Path to Purchase

AUSTIN, TX and DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Feb 26, 2015) - PlaceWise Media, the shopping center industry's leading provider of digital marketing services, has partnered with Umbel, an Austin-based customer data platform, to enhance the customer shopping experience across PlaceWise's advertising and data network of more than 650 shopping centers across the U.S. The company will integrate Umbel's technology to collect, unify and analyze additional first-party shopper data and provide advertisers, brands and retail real estate companies real-time access to information on active shopper interests and preferences while on the path to purchase, primarily in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and grocery categories.

Umbel will be bundled with PlaceWise's powerful "RetailHub Insights," an exclusive data-reporting product that identifies shopper trends, behaviors and intent in real time by property, by portfolio and as part of the company's overall network. Umbel's deep data insights on known customers, combined with existing data on potential customers will help PlaceWise clients make more informed business decisions. Retail real estate companies can use this data to improve leasing strategies and create the right retail tenant mix. Malls, shopping centers and retailers can transform the shopping experience for consumers, and build engaged, loyal and sustainable customer bases.

How Umbel and PlaceWise Media Work Together
RetailHub Insights delivers PlaceWise clients with unique, first-party data on active shoppers who are either planning their shopping trip, on their way to the mall or store, or already on premises. By adding Umbel's Audience Activators to RetailHub Insights, PlaceWise clients can generate, own and visualize this combined customer data, enabling them to have a deeper understanding of their customers' demographic information, shopping behaviors and brand affinities. PlaceWise clients will be able to link past purchase information of these customers to offer a complete view of who these customers really are, what they like, what they've bought in the past, and most importantly, what they are most likely to buy in the future. From there, clients can design and deliver segmented messaging tailored for specific types of shoppers.

"Umbel couldn't be more excited to help PlaceWise identify and reach shoppers with relevant communications like never before," said Higinio "HO" Maycotte, CEO and founder of Umbel. "Our depth of actionable data, including brand affinities, behavioral and demographic data, helps clients identify shoppers who were previously unknown, turning them into known users that can be converted faster and more effectively."

PlaceWise Media's versatile, proprietary digital platform is leading the industry in an effort to redefine and personalize today's mall and grocery store shopping experiences. The company is currently in the process of rolling out beacons and other technology to make retail locations more engaging for shoppers and to drive more on-premise traffic per square foot.

"We're pleased to include Umbel in our RetailHub Insights product, giving our clients a potent collection of shopper data that cannot be found anywhere else," said Mort Aaronson, CEO PlaceWise Media. "We're arming them with the information they need to make them more effective in reaching and connecting with shoppers on a more individualized basis, not only improving the customer experience but helping to increase foot traffic and revenue per square foot, driving higher occupancy and optimizing their retail space, and building long-term shopper engagement and loyalty."

About Umbel
Umbel is a Customer Data Platform that empowers companies to convert massive amounts of customer data into addressable, actionable and authentic customer relationships. By unifying data across platforms and organizational silos, Umbel delivers a powerful interface for visualizing and gaining insights from on data. Marketing, sales and account teams leverage Umbel's patent-pending Digital Genome® analysis to prove audience value, acquire high-value segments and maximize revenue. Umbel's mission is to make data the most valuable asset you own. Founded in 2010, Umbel is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Visit to learn more or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

About PlaceWise Media
Based in Denver, PlaceWise Media is the leading provider of digital marketing services to retail destinations and the companies that own them. PlaceWise's advertising and data network includes more than 650 malls and shopping centers and a growing number of grocery retailers nationwide. With 10 million monthly visitors and more than 200 million total page views annually, PlaceWise offers shopping centers, retailers and brands real-time access to active shoppers currently intending to purchase relevant products and services, as well as unique first-party shopper data to help them better understand their target shoppers' intentions and make more informed business decisions. For more information visit

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