December 02, 2015 07:30 ET

UnboundID Platform Adds New Capabilities to Manage Structured and Unstructured Identity and Profile Data

UnboundID Platform 5.2 Consolidates Identity-Centric Customer Data Into Comprehensive Profiles for Improved Personalization and Customer Experiences

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 2, 2015) -  UnboundID, the market leader in customer identity and access management, announced the availability of the UnboundID Platform 5.2 with new capabilities to capture and manage rich customer profiles consisting of structured and unstructured data. The UnboundID Platform enables IT organizations to accelerate their company's digital business strategies by securely managing customer identities and preferences to drive the personalized interactions and cross-channel customer engagement that customers have come to expect. With this new release, the UnboundID Platform provides the versatility to store unstructured customer data using JSON over REST APIs and adds advanced data access governance capabilities, new APIs for password management, support for SCIM 2.0 and more.

"Compelling customer engagement is a new competitive battleground for many organizations and industries, and success is dependent upon capturing and leveraging a more comprehensive customer profile for personalization and engagement," said Steve Shoaff, CEO of UnboundID. "Customer profile and preferences data can be extremely diverse and come from many sources. Our software platform simplifies the complexity of securing and managing that data around the customer's identity and delivering it at high performance and scale across multiple customer channels and devices."

"We're seeing the impact of digital disruption across multiple industries, and the incumbents in these industries are reacting with new strategies to retain their base and grow market share," said Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director, 451 Research. "A common theme is breaking down traditional legacy data silos to create a unified profile of the customer. Organizations that are effective in consolidating actionable customer data and using it to personalize customer engagement will harness the power of digital disruption and gain the upper hand."

In addition to managing identity-centric customer data, organizations use the UnboundID Platform for social login, adaptive authentication, preference management, privacy and consent management, self-service account management and data access governance. The UnboundID Platform includes APIs and pre-built assets for web and mobile applications to speed time-to-market, and it can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Key Features in the UnboundID Platform version 5.2 include:

Managing Profiles Consisting of Structured and Unstructured Data - The UnboundID Platform enables organizations to securely store and manage comprehensive customer profiles consisting of combinations of structured and unstructured data. Applications leveraging the UnboundID Platform have the ability to define the structure of attributes and data with no required schema definition by leveraging JSON over REST APIs. This enables maximum flexibility and saves time by not requiring schema updates for every new attribute added to a customer profile.

Data Governance Policies That Evaluate External Data - The UnboundID Platform provides centralized, fine-grain policy controls to govern access to sensitive identity data. These policies can be implemented for regulatory compliance, corporate mandates, individual consent and more. In version 5.2, governance policies can be used to evaluate data external to the requested resource. This provides the option to use third-party data to support policy decisions, enabling policies to be created and enforced to address a broader set of use cases.

New Password Management API - The UnboundID Platform provides a wide range of pre-built user interfaces, templates and APIs to accelerate solution deployments. In this new release, the UnboundID Platform includes a password management REST API that makes it easy for application developers to perform common password-related tasks such as retrieving account status, displaying password quality requirements, managing password changes, and more.

Simplified Management and Lower Operational Cost - The UnboundID Platform has always incorporated advanced instrumentation, operational visibility and integrated management consoles to simplify operations. Version 5.2 extends these capabilities with a new central configuration registry that allows changes made at one server instance to be verified and automatically pushed to all associated server instances, dramatically reducing the work required to configure and maintain complex deployment topologies.

Support for SCIM 2.0 - The industry standard SCIM 2.0 protocol enables more control over data types, data relationships and data filters so that application developers can more easily manage and leverage identity data. This includes easier control over multi-object user data and makes it easier to perform complex queries.

Expanded Support for Third Party Tokens - In addition to supporting social identity providers such as Facebook, Google and other OpenID Connect compliant providers, UnboundID Platform v5.2 can now evaluate tokens issued by any proprietary identity provider to facilitate platform integration and deployment.

XACML Policy Enhancements - Policies can now provide obligations, or information required to execute a policy, and advice, or additional information on why the policy was or was not executed. These updates yield a clearer view of how policies are interacting with your system and make policies easier to implement and update.

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