March 26, 2015 07:30 ET

UnboundID Releases New Data Governance Capabilities and Insights for Customer Identity and Preference Management

UnboundID Platform 5.0 Gives Marketers Centralized Data Access Controls and Real-Time Visibility Into Customer Identity Data Usage

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 26, 2015) - UnboundID, the market leader in identity and preference management, announced the availability of the UnboundID Platform 5.0, with new capabilities to govern, secure, and monitor the use of sensitive customer data. Enterprise customers use the UnboundID Platform to modernize traditional Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems, and enable customer-facing digital business initiatives that support real-time personalization and delivery of a consistent customer experience across engagement channels and devices. With this new release, the UnboundID Platform 5.0 introduces a dashboard module to monitor real-time operational metrics and identity data usage, along with new performance and scalability enhancements, to deliver 100's of millions of identities and preference attributes at web scale.

UnboundID serves as a unifying platform for managing customer identities and preferences, allowing real-time personalized interactions and customer experience improvement. By securely delivering actionable data to customer-facing applications and channels in real-time, organizations can provide highly personalized and differentiated services.

"UnboundID fundamentally changes the game so that companies can responsibly leverage customer data of any size and complexity to maximize customer revenue and simultaneously mitigate security risks," said Steve Shoaff, CEO of UnboundID. "Our software platform allows organizations to consolidate valuable identity and preference data in one place, store it in an encrypted and highly secure way, and deliver it in real-time and at web scale across their systems of engagement. Customers benefit from the improved customer experience and are provided with control over their preference and privacy selections, fostering loyalty and greater life time value."

"When using their favorite mobile apps, websites and shopping online, consumers generate a valuable trove of personal data that can be highly useful for delivering a more personalized customer experience," said Garrett Bekker, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. "However, user concerns about the privacy of data collected can undermine that experience. By offering a unifying platform for managing customer identities and privacy preferences, UnboundID can help organizations deliver individually-tailored and differentiated services that turn faceless individuals into high-value customers while still maintaining robust security levels."

UnboundID Platform 5.0 addresses the needs of both business leaders responsible for improving customer experience, and IT leaders responsible for managing and protecting valuable identity and preference data:

For Business Leaders

  • Unified customer profile: With UnboundID, interactions with a brand can be based on a common customer profile that is leveraged across web sites, ecommerce platforms, mobile apps, loyalty programs, customer service portals, or other engagement channels for a consistent customer experience and the delivery of highly personalized offerings.
  • Self-managed Privacy and Preference Consent: By logging into their account through a mobile app, web site, or other channel, customers can see the data a brand collects about them and how it is being used. Customers can explicitly manage their privacy settings and opt-in or out of specific features and have those choices applied uniformly across all channels.
  • Real-time Insights: New customizable dashboards provide marketers with real-time visibility into opt-in/opt-out choices and trends, as well as monitoring of related service level metrics.

For IT

  • Centralized Governance: Advanced policy-based controls allow stakeholders that are responsible for protecting access to customer data, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance to govern and enforce proper data usage by the organization's applications and systems of engagement.
  • Real-time Operational Monitoring: New dashboards track the performance of the identity infrastructure as a whole service, not just as a collection of individual data stores.
  • Optimize Capacity: Determine which data stores have the most available capacity at a given moment and re-allocate requests or request types in real-time.
  • Prepare for Growth: Determine which client applications and request types are responsible for the greatest resource usage, and predict future capacity needs to accommodate traffic increases and data growth.

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UnboundID provides the industry's leading software platform for identity and preference management. Enterprise customers select the UnboundID Platform to modernize traditional Identity and Access Management systems, and enable new customer-facing digital business initiatives that provide real-time personalization and delivery of a consistent customer experience across channels and devices. Some of the world's largest and most demanding companies in financial services, retail, telecommunications, and healthcare rely on UnboundID to manage and protect their identity and preference data across application portfolios and systems of engagement. To learn more, visit

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