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November 20, 2007 11:27 ET

Undelete Software Saves the Bottom Line

New Technology Advances in Data Protection Software Allow Users to Retrieve Deleted Files in a Flash

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - November 20, 2007) - Accounting pros, human resource managers, and legal eagles alike can all be subject to the worst feeling one can have while looking at a computer screen, the pain of an accidentally deleted file. Today IT managers have undelete software which aids in data protection, allowing them to retrieve data in a matter of minutes that may otherwise be lost or take hours to salvage.

Anyone can accidentally delete a file or even groups of folders, it's as simple as two clicks and now data has been lost that could cost thousands of dollars to re-create.

According to Diskeeper® Corporation (, there are a good number of Fortune 500 companies which are losing thousands on a daily basis due to accidental deletions. "Some high profile organizations lose corporate legal documentation, valuable account information or even payroll databases," says Derek De Vette, VP of Public Affairs for Diskeeper.

With Diskeeper's Undelete®, users are able to quickly retrieve deleted data that otherwise might take days to salvage from a tape backup. And if the file needing to be retrieved was created in-between backups there would be little chance of getting that file back.

Steve Geden, IT Director for MedFinancial, LLC, notes, "The benefit of having Undelete installed has been huge, and twofold: First, there have been dozens, if not hundreds of occasions where we recovered quickly and painlessly from accidental deletions since we started with Undelete a few months ago. We have fifty or more remote workers and about thirty in-house who access mission-critical data files every day.

"Second, since it became known to our workforce that we could now determine the user name, date and time of the deletion, accidental deletions have decreased to about one-third of what we were experiencing. The accountability provided by Undelete has made everyone more careful about the quality of their work."

There are new advantages available to users today such as automatic file versioning for Microsoft Office® files. As users modify and save Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint files, Undelete will transparently capture the earlier versions of these files in the exact state they were in before being modified and saved. Sometimes users need to go back to an earlier version and this particular undelete software now provides that missing version protection as well as deleted file protection.

According to Michael Materie, Undelete Product Manager for Diskeeper, "Anyone who uses Microsoft Office will benefit from the new, expanded data and version protection provided by Undelete. We've all had moments where having access to all the earlier versions of a file we've been working on for weeks would have made a huge difference. It only takes just one of these incidents to appreciate the importance of the data protection safety net that's put in place the moment you install Undelete on your desktop or laptop."

Undelete software saves users the time, trouble, and aggravation it would take to recreate work lost due to careless file deletions and/or file version overwrites. Best of all, users can recover their own files without having to involve helpdesk or other IT staff.

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