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Media Monster Communications, Inc. for SONYA KAHN

May 05, 2009 10:07 ET

Une Vie d'Amour... Vocalist-Songwriter-Musician-Producer Sonya Kahn Shares Her "LIFE OF LOVE" for Music

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2009) - Love is a beautiful emotion. And for Vocalist-Songwriter-Musician-Producer Sonya Kahn, love is everything. Her love of family, her love of friends and especially her love for music. A classically trained concert pianist, Kahn not only sings, writes all her own material, plays guitar, arranges, produces, dances and costume designs. Her newest release "UNE VIE D'AMOUR" (A Life of Love) by Armenian-French singer, songwriter, actor and public activist, Charles Aznavour is the very first single Kahn has recorded in her solo career which she didn't write, because her love for this song runs so deeply. "When I perform this song personally I feel very touched by the story of this kind of love and feel empowered because I can express my own feeling through this song, my own thoughts are kind of intertwined with those lyrics and beautiful melodies when performing it," adds Kahn. Kahn is sharing this new life performance acoustic recording at with her fans around the world. Kahn is currently in the studio recording Une Vie d'Amour in both Russian and French languages and will soon have them available for download, but is giving a sneak preview to her fans with this new unplugged video. Additionally she is sharing the English translation of UNE VIE D'AMOUR's song lyrics in her newest blog at where she has over 875,000 profile views. This recording of "UNE VIE D'AMOUR" is just a part of her mesmerizing chameleon-like musical talents her friends and fans have been exposed to.

Aznavour's "UNE VIE D'AMOUR" is most known from the 1981 film "Teheran-43." And although Kahn wasn't even born when this film was released, Aznavour's work was introduced early on in this gifted musician's life, who has been playing piano since the age of three. "My mother introduced me to Charles Aznavour -- his music, movies and I remember the first time I heard this song it moved me so much that I wanted to cry. I didn't understand the lyrics because originally it was performed in French by Mireille Mathieu and Charles Aznavour. I heard the Russian version and I was able to understand the meaning of the song a little more..." shares Russian-born, Kahn who holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree in concert piano performing and musical theory.

Kahn's own passion and "LIFE OF LOVE" for music is an extension of who she is, not just musically, a form of expression. A music education advocate, her channel boasts a vast array of musical stylings from her classical background to her contemporary show-stopping ballads to mainstream pop/rock tunes. Much like multi-hyphenate, Aznavour, her activism is strong, as she penned "WHISPERING SOULS," a song about stopping genocide, and put an anti-war spin on "WITHOUT YOU," a single from her 13-track self-produced album, "NEW BEGINNING."

"I truly feel that my soul was born to create music, my passion for music defines my life's purpose. Organically I need to be involved in creating something. I need to express myself and any kind of art form will work as a second choice after the music: poetry, dancing, fashion, painting, etc. I've always been about sharing my classical side with my fans and bringing music education forward in terms of other works that are out there, which inspire me. 'UNE VIE D'AMOUR' is an extension of this part of me as an artist. It's all about diversity -- even different classical styles of music bring unique values and teach numerous different things... and contemporary music is no different. It's like being introduced to a piece of information that you may not initially be interested in but when you learn it and understand it -- it opens your mind to a different world. I am experimenting with different sounds/styles like hip-hop, techno, house, calypso and reggae," explains Kahn.

Kahn's drive is unstoppable. Her personal "UNE VIE D'AMOUR - LIFE OF LOVE" is all about sharing, expressing, creating and educating. But she doesn't stop there. She utilizes an extension of her creative passion in all she does. Her compassionate nature has realized that all her fans also have a need to express, a need to share. So Kahn created Sonya Kahn's Speak Out Symphony, a MySpace group where she discusses the meaning behind her music along with many current events, personal topics and issues she thinks about.

Kahn just recently released "LONELY ROAD" a few weeks ago, her first break-out ballad single from her album, "NEW BEGINNING." The CD is available at, and For more unplugged live performance recordings, go to Stay tuned at for what she's currently up to... Chances are you will find that her "UNE VIE D'AMOUR" for music continues.

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