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May 22, 2012 11:07 ET

UNEQUAL DEFCON WAFER™ Protection Reports for Duty; Stops 2 Grain Steel Frags

KENNETT SQUARE, PA--(Marketwire - May 22, 2012) - UNEQUAL Technologies®, the premier provider of head and body armor for soldiers and athletes, is proud to unveil today its DEFCON WAFER™ composite, the latest in its arsenal of premier protective products designed to dramatically increase protection of soldiers on the battlefield. DEFCON WAFER™ is one of the world's lightest, thinnest and most flexible composites tested to stop 2 grain frags.

According to the 2 grain testing done at H.P. White Laboratory, the world's renowned certified independent ballistics testing facility, DEFCON WAFER scored a V-50 of 836 fps (feet per second). In addition to the superior testing and reliability of the WAFER composite, other leading qualities are its thinness, a mere .48 mm -- the same as 5 pieces of copy paper stacked; and its featherweight, only .11 psf (pounds per square foot). The material is also flexible enough to ball up in your hand, yet tough enough to handle many military applications from vests to gloves.

General Raymond T. Odierno, Chief of Staff of the US Army, stated in an interview with Brian Kilmeade on Fox News, "Our soldiers and NFL players share a lot of the same ethos -- mental toughness, physical toughness, and teamwork."

"UNEQUAL shares this belief," stated Rob Vito, President of UNEQUAL Technologies. "This is why we are taking our advanced sports armor originally developed for NFL teams and retrofitting it with ballistic grade DEFCON WAFER™. It will better protect the soldiers with protective gear that is concealable, comfortable, low profile and featherlite. The first military products with DEFCON WAFER™ are slated for the hand, forearm, leg and groin for 2 grain fragment protection."

UNEQUAL's Advanced Composite Labs is also working on increasing the protection levels of the military's 'Improved Outer Tactical Vest' (IOTV). The IOTV currently provides, without the ballistic ceramic plates inserted, protection from small caliber rounds (i.e. 9mm) and fragmentation. H.P. White Laboratory tested the first version of UNEQUAL's Up-Armor™ kit. When placed behind the IOTV, without the Kevlar® panels or other ceramic plates, it raised the IOTV protection to NIJ standard level III-A. For the V-0, the 9mm and 357 Sig full metal jacket bullets were stopped effortlessly with only 18 - 22 mm BFS; and the 44 Magnum stopped with only 33 - 35 mm BFS. The V-50 test, done with 44 magnum bullets, was an incredible 1605. Remarkably, the UNEQUAL Up-Armor™ kit remains razor-thin at only 3mm; featherlite at .64 psf; flexible and an extremely cost-effective solution.

"These technological advancements are all part of our corporate DNA: To Protect Soldiers on the Battlefield; To Protect Athletes on the Sportsfield," added Vito. "UNEQUAL has been protecting the athletes of the NFL, NHL and MLB with its EXO Skeleton protective gear -- the most advanced sports armor. We want to outfit our soldiers with the best protection so we can bring them home safely, as well as build the best protection for our athletes and children to keep them safe at home."

About UNEQUAL Technologies
UNEQUAL Technologies is the leading provider of supplemental protection for sports and military. It is a fusion of DuPont™ Kevlar® forged with military grade materials engineered for maximum protection. UNEQUAL's patented technology provides superior shock-blocking properties that may help dramatically reduce impact shock and blunt force trauma generated by law enforcement or military encounters. With more than 66 US and International patents and patents pending, UNEQUAL Technologies has been tested by independent and OEM facilities. In addition, top universities have validated Unequal's effectiveness in reducing blunt force impact. Unequal is the proud recipient of the DuPont™ Innovation Award and Forbes' 100 Most Promising Companies. For more information, visit

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