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April 19, 2016 09:00 ET

Unequal Technologies HART Chest Protector Technology First to Be Proven Effective in Significantly Reducing Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

Peer-Reviewed, Published Study Shows Unequal HART® Chest Protectors Can Virtually Eliminate Commotio Cordis -- the #1 Killer in Youth Baseball and #2 Leading Cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

GLEN MILLS, PA--(Marketwired - April 19, 2016) - Unequal® Technologies today announced that in a peer-reviewed, published study, its High Acceleration Reduction Technology (HART®) was proven effective in significantly reducing risk of sudden cardiac death from Commotio cordis. The medical study, from a team of leading Commotio experts, was published in The Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine and entitled, Development of a Chest Wall Protector Effective in Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death by Chest Wall Impact (Commotio Cordis). The study concludes that Unequal's HART with its advanced, novel composite materials, will "…be effective in preventing Commotio cordis on the playing field." Testing results concluded that HART protectors are up to 95% effective in preventing the onset of Commotio cordis.

Commotio cordis is the #1 killer in youth baseball and #2 leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest. It's caused by a hit to the heart from a ball, stick or hand in contact sports like baseball, lacrosse, soccer, martial arts, hockey and cricket. It advanced from a 'rare occurrence' to a real danger after three Commotio episodes occurred in lacrosse in just one week. Sadly, typical commercially available chest protectors are ineffective against this form of sudden cardiac death. According to Dr. Mark Link, the cardiologist who led this study, over a third of Commotio victims were wearing chest protectors. Ineffective chest protection and related tragic events like those mentioned here prompted the push for potentially lifesaving automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at sports fields.

Dr. Link is a cardiac electrophysiologist and Professor of Medicine at one of the Northeast's most respected medical centers and universities. He is a leading worldwide authority on Commotio cordis, having authored or participated in over 30 medical papers and studies on the topic since the mid 90s. This study involved working with 15 iterations of Unequal's proprietary layers to identify the highest performing composites. 

"I've been studying the causes and effects of Commotio cordis for decades and am excited to finally work with a technology that truly protects," said Dr. Link. "My scientific model is the only widely accepted method available for manufacturers to validate a Commotio cordis protection claim and up until now, virtually all chest protector materials have been ineffective. After the rigor of extensive randomized impact testing, I am able to report that Unequal HART protection is effective in significantly reducing risk of sudden death from Commotio cordis."

"Creating the first and only effective, life-saving defense against Commotio cordis, that athletes can wear without it impeding performance, is an unprecedented breakthrough," said Rob Vito, inventor, founder and CEO at Unequal Technologies. "The fact that grief-stricken parents are telling stories of their children dying on the sports field while wearing ineffective chest protectors is heart-wrenching -- and unacceptable. Our mission is to make this patented protection available worldwide through, sports retailers and licensed strategic partners. Considering the 'Duty of Care' responsibilities of sports organizations, schools and teams, we anticipate accelerated acceptance of HART. We will be doing all we can to work with associations, leagues and districts across multiple sports to see that parents, trainers and coaches are informed on how our life-saving chest protector solutions can make sports safer."

With Unequal's validated solutions, new safety standards can now be developed. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE®) has proposed a new chest protector standard for both baseball and lacrosse, two sports where catchers and goalies are the most vulnerable to Commotio cordis. The standard is open to public comment and could become an official standard by January, 2018.

HART protectors, engineered specifically to protect the most vulnerable front and side areas around the heart, are available today at The line includes the HART Shirt (slips on like a T-shirt for any age, sport or position), HART Goalie (for lacrosse), HART Catcher (for baseball) and HART Pad (a removable device). Prices range from $89.95 to $159.95 MSRP.

About Commotio cordis

Commotio (pronounced Co-Mo-Dee-O) cordis is the #1 cause of traumatic death in youth baseball and #2 killer in youth sports. It's a cardiac concussion that also occurs in lacrosse, soccer, hockey, martial arts and any contact sport where a ball, stick or hand can strike the chest at just the wrong place and time in the heart's rhythmic cycle, causing the heart and breathing to suddenly stop. See this video for more information on it and how Unequal HART helps. The blow to the chest does not have to be a heavy or high speed impact, but rather unlucky timing is a key component in triggering the event. Generally, fewer than 50% survive Commotio cordis.

About Unequal Technologies

Unequal's mission is to protect people in the military, sports, work and life. Its patented fusion of a military-grade composite, made of TriDur® aramid fabric, Accelleron®, Airilon® and ImpacShield®, is engineered for customized, concealed protection. With the development of HART®, Unequal is the first to make commercially available protection proven in a peer-reviewed, published medical study to be effective in reducing risk of sudden death from Commotio cordis. Professionals in the NFL, MLB, NHL and X Games as well as Olympic athletes, collegiate and youth athletes in football, baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, action sports, contact sports and other activities, wear Unequal's protective head and body gear. Unequal's technology is protected by 100 worldwide patents. Its products have been tested by the US Government, accredited laboratories, OEM facilities and top universities. An attendee at the recent White House Concussion Summit, Unequal is recognized as a Forbes 100 Most Promising Companies, ESPN's Top 15 Best Sports Innovations, the #1 Tech Innovation by and winner of the DuPont™ Kevlar® Innovation Award. For more information, visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #unequalprotects.

Unequal HART Protectors have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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