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November 11, 2010 10:12 ET

UNEQUAL Technologies' Patented Concussion Reduction Technology ("CRT") Minimizes Concussions up to 30% in Football Helmets

Independent Research Cites Dramatic Reduction in Impact, Making Safer Football Possible

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - November 11, 2010) - UNEQUAL Technologies, the premier provider of shock-blocking sports products with a focus on footcare, today announced that its patented, three-layer UNEQUAL® composite can reduce the Severity Index (SI) up to 30 percent in football helmets and 60 percent in baseball helmets. Coming on the heels of various news reports surrounding the significant increase in football-related concussions from Peewee football to the NFL, this is encouraging news as major sport organizations look for ways to reduce the amount of concussions experienced by today's athletes.

The independent research was conducted by a renowned test facility that provides a wide range of design, testing and consulting services related to sporting goods and other types of personal protective products. Football helmets, tested with UNEQUAL's® shock-blocking composite inside, showed up to a 30% drop in the SI measurement of concussion shock. UNEQUAL® decreased the shock by up to 60% in baseball helmets and 51% in motorcycle helmets. This is a reduction in SI against a "control" helmet in each case that is 'off the shelf' and what is used today for headgear.

"The test results underscore our confidence in UNEQUAL®," said Robert Vito, CEO of UNEQUAL Technologies. "The growing number of concussions experienced by our youth and professional athletes is staggering. Our technology has been tested by the best and is proven to reduce the impact shock that the head can experience within several types of helmets. In football alone, we were able to reduce the impact shock by up to 30 percent, which can translate into major reductions in concussions. We look forward to working with the helmet manufacturers and governing bodies to set a new safety standard for the next generation of protective head gear."

Vito continued, "From parents anxious about the safety of their children to professional athletes experiencing a much higher incidence of concussions, there is no question that players have a right to feel safer in their helmets. With UNEQUAL® in those helmets, they'd be a lot safer."

"In my career as a team doctor for the Eagles, 76ers, and Flyers, as well as University and College teams, I have seen many injuries and conditions that may have been prevented or mitigated by the proper protection," said Dr. Paul Marchetto, Orthopedic Surgeon at The Rothman Institute. "I personally experienced the remarkable benefits of UNEQUAL's® technology in a study conducted with Drexel University. Helmets are designed to protect the player's head from concussive forces. With UNEQUAL® absorbing more of this energy, the brain can be cushioned from a more severe impact, thus diminishing the possibility of a concussion. We know more now about the serious long-term effects that multiple concussions can have on an athlete. We must continue to strive for better head protection to minimize these events and UNEQUAL® may offer just such a remedy," said Dr. Marchetto.

Today, UNEQUAL's® composite is currently used to manufacture a line of shoe insoles. In fact, many of the NFL teams make UNEQUAL® Ultralights available to their players. UNEQUAL® Insoles are the world's only patented insoles using high-tech aramid fibers (e.g., DuPont's Kevlar® is a brand name aramid), which have incredible shock-blocking properties that dramatically reduce impact forces from bullets or CIS. CIS is a force equal to up to five times a player's weight that radiates up through the body each time a foot hits the ground. UNEQUAL® Insoles are clinically proven to block up to 80% of CIS.

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UNEQUAL Technologies changes consumers ability to "get active" by reducing the chronic impact shock ("CIS") that causes aches and pains with each step taken, regardless of a person's physical activity. Orthopedic surgeons and Podiatrists warn that CIS can cause aches, pains and premature aging of muscles, joints, and bones. UNEQUAL® blocks up to 80% of that shock, enabling users to go stronger, stay on your their feet longer, and feel better. With 57 US and International patents and patents pending, UNEQUAL Technologies is the premier provider of shock-blocking sports gear with a focus on footcare. For more information, visit

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