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UNEQUAL Technologies

May 08, 2012 06:00 ET

UNEQUAL Technologies Unveils Its DEFCON Technology; Introduces New Level of Protection in Law Enforcement and Military Protective Gear

KENNETT SQUARE, PA--(Marketwire - May 8, 2012) - UNEQUAL Technologies®, the premier provider of head and body armor for soldiers and athletes, unveiled its new DEFCON™ technology. UNEQUAL DEFCON is a patented composite technology that is thin, lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. The proprietary formulation absorbs and dissipates more energy per square inch than traditional trauma products and reduces more blunt force trauma in one panel than several layers of these ballistic materials combined. This reduction of layers inherently increases the flexibility and comfort of the vest, while decreasing weight, thickness and rigidity -- making it a most sought after technology for law enforcement and military protective gear manufacturers.

The DEFCON technology was recently tested and proven effective by Safariland® in stopping 5.7mm steel rounds (2,000 ft/s) in 1 lb. psf prototype Level IIIA packages. Since steel rounds travel 30 percent faster and don't mushroom out upon impact like a lead bullet, they typically are not stopped by a traditional ballistic package. However, DEFCON can be formulated to enable a regular IIIA body armor to stop 52 steel rounds with no additional layers, plates, or modification. DEFCON is Berry Compliant and made in ISO 9001 certified facilities.

"The genesis of DEFCON is rooted in UNEQUAL's RDTE -- research, development, testing, and engineering -- and its monarch: 'To protect soldiers on the battlefield; To protect athletes on the sportsfield'," stated Rob Vito, President of UNEQUAL Technologies. "After the physical bullet is stopped, the shockwave or blunt force trauma (BFT), of a high velocity bullet can be devastating on the body; and that is DEFCON's specialty. DEFCON is specifically engineered to reduce the back face signature (BFS), the non-penetrating impact on the body after being hit by a projectile."

DEFCON's patented, force dispersion technology offers the best protection for law enforcement and military. Its effectiveness originates from the UNEQUAL® patented composite. The first layer absorbs and converts vibration and impact shock that enters the head or body, the second layer (made with DuPont™ Kevlar®) blocks and redirects the energy, while the third layer is compliant and comfortable to conform to everyday activities. The UNEQUAL technology is versatile, adaptable and durable, meeting the highest standards of military-grade protection. UNEQUAL's Military, Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) and Governmental division researches, develops, and manufactures new ballistic, frag, stab and trauma solutions for the head and body everyday.

About UNEQUAL Technologies
UNEQUAL Technologies is the leading provider of supplemental protection for sports and military. It is a fusion of DuPont™ Kevlar® forged with military grade materials engineered for maximum protection. UNEQUAL's patented technology provides superior shock-blocking properties that may help dramatically reduce impact shock and blunt force trauma generated by law enforcement or military encounters. With more than 66 US and International patents and patents pending, UNEQUAL Technologies has been tested by independent and OEM facilities. In addition, top universities have validated UNEQUAL's effectiveness in reducing blunt force impact. For more information, visit

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