April 18, 2011 09:00 ET

Unfavorable Feelings About Television Advertising for Prescription Drugs From Physicians and Public, According to AdSAM® SenseUS®

GAINESVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2011) - AdSAM®, the leader in measuring emotional response, today releases its SenseUs® Healthcare Poll, focusing on physician and patient perceptions about prescription drug advertising. The study reveals that:

  • Overall, neither physicians nor the public have favorable feelings about television advertising for prescription drugs; however physicians are more opposed to it (Public: 54% unfavorable feelings; Physicians: 67% unfavorable feelings).
    • The negative feelings expressed vary ranging from Alarmed (stressed, terrified) to Troubled (displeased) to Sullen (gloomy, sluggish). Thus, it is clear that there is opportunity for drug companies to improve their mass media communication strategies.
  • Public's Feelings About Rx TV Ads - 2009 vs. 2010:
    • The public has become more accepting of television advertising for prescription drugs since 2009, as fewer (-8%) feel unfavorably about it.
    • Feelings are a bit less Alarmed (-7%) and a bit more Indifferent (+3%), Ambivalent (+2%) and Comfortable (+3%). These feelings do not suggest an increase in wholehearted support for the ads, but rather they indicate a bit more acceptance or tolerance.
  • Physicians' Feelings About Rx TV Ads - 2009 vs. 2010:
    • While the public has become a bit more accepting of television ads for prescription drugs since 2009, physicians feel more unfavorably (-11%).
    • With increased Sullen (+7%) (weary, pitiful) and Troubled (+3%) (distrustful) feelings, it is clear that a growing number of physicians feel unempowered by Rx television ads.

The complete report is available

SenseUs® is the only omnibus survey that measures both rational AND EMOTIONAL reactions of Americans to current topics and issues, products, services and more. These polls are conducted by AdSAM, the leading worldwide provider of emotional response market research.

"Feelings are overlooked in many research plans, which is unfortunate since emotions are the precursor to action," said Jon Morris, Ph.D., president of AdSAM and communications professor at the University of Florida.

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