October 19, 2009 08:30 ET

Unica Unveils Interactive Marketing OnDemand

Industry's First and Only Solution to Unify Market-Leading Web Analytics, Email Marketing, and Web Personalization in a Single Application -- Saving Time and Money While Increasing Conversion Rates

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - October 19, 2009) - Unica Corporation (NASDAQ: UNCA), the recognized leader in marketing software solutions, today unveiled Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand, the Industry's first and only solution to unify web analytics, customer analytics, email marketing, and web personalization in a single application. Interactive Marketing OnDemand eliminates the need to integrate separate vendors or systems. In one interface, marketers can analyze visitor behavior, and then immediately use that insight to design and deliver effective email and personalize their web sites, improving customer experiences and driving revenue growth.

Today's marketers face difficulty maintaining or increasing conversion rates in the face of growing competition for search terms and the attention of email readers. Marketers struggle to deliver timely and relevant marketing content, manage a growing number of online channels and affiliates, and cope with a flood of sometimes conflicting data and reports. Rather than helping marketers manage these challenges, disparate web analytics, email marketing, web personalization, and other tools often exacerbate them by making it difficult, expensive, and slow to share data and work across vendors. Marketers, often dealing with frequent change, are hamstrung by the need for constant support from IT, vendor services, or other technical resources.

"Our mission is to deliver the best eye care products quickly, conveniently, and at the lowest prices to anywhere in the world. And one priority is to engage with the 95% of site visitors who we can't reach via email," said Braden Hoeppner, director of Web Sales, Coastal Contacts. "It's more important than ever to effectively interact with visitors and provide them with relevant marketing messages. With Interactive Marketing OnDemand, we can use visitor behavior to better understand visitor product interests and immediately present appropriate web site offers. We're fulfilling our mission thanks to Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand."

In addition to eliminating the cost, complexity, and delays associated with integrating analytics with email and web personalization, Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand:

--  Unlocks the value of online behavioral data: marketers can execute
    more personalized and effective email marketing and web personalization by
    leveraging the wealth of detailed behavioral data that visitors and
    customers generate as they react to a company's marketing programs and
    interact with its web site
--  Empowers marketers to execute programs end-to-end: Interactive
    Marketing OnDemand puts all of the tools, data and content at marketing's
    fingertips, empowering them to author and execute email, landing pages, and
    web personalization without a constant need for IT support
--  Makes web personalization as easy as email marketing: marketers can
    create rules to target customers or anonymous visitors, assemble content,
    and execute web personalization campaigns in the same simple manner used
    for email marketing, without burdening IT
--  Liberates marketers from the dependencies of complex IT
    infrastructure: marketers no longer have to rely on IT, which frees up both
    financial and personnel resources

"As one of the world's leading online destinations for purchasing musical instruments, we want to simplify our infrastructure and reduce costs while improving our ability to leverage visitor behavior to drive automated, personalized marketing. This is why we're implementing Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand," said Bryan della Santina, vice president of marketing, Musician's Friend. "Interactive Marketing OnDemand offers us a compelling value proposition -- core components including email and web analytics are pre-integrated. We're marketing to consumers in a cross-channel environment, and it is crucial that we're able to define customer marketing strategies in one place where we can execute and track across channels."

"Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand eliminates the technology roadblocks that have crippled online marketers' ability to use insights from visitors' online behavior to author and execute dynamic, compelling email marketing or personalize web pages without continuously burdening IT," according to Elana Anderson, vice president of product marketing & strategy, Unica. "And it's backed by Unica's unmatched experience helping marketers increase their success with data-driven marketing technology solutions."

Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand is delivered on top of Unica's suite of market-proven, best-of-breed solutions in web analytics, campaign management, and marketing management. On their own, these products are rated by top independent analyst firms as "leaders" in their respective categories, a claim that no other vendor can make. Combined and delivered via a multi-tenet software as a service architecture, they create an extremely powerful, fully integrated, and cost-effective solution for marketers. Many of the world's leading online marketers utilize Unica's award-winning marketing solutions; some of these organizations include 888, Best Buy, eBay,, Full Tilt Poker, Monster, and Orvis, among others.

Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand will be showcased at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Washington, DC (October 19-23), booth 19 & 20.

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Unica Corporation (NASDAQ: UNCA) is the recognized leader in marketing software solutions. Unica's advanced set of enterprise marketing management and on-demand marketing solutions empowers organizations and individuals to turn their passion for marketing into valuable customer relationships and more profitable, timely, and measurable business outcomes. These solutions integrate and streamline all aspects of online and offline marketing. Unica's unique interactive marketing approach incorporates customer analytics and web analytics, centralized decisioning, cross-channel execution, and integrated marketing operations. More than 1,000 organizations worldwide depend on Unica for their marketing management solutions.

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