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December 13, 2007 10:02 ET

Unico, Inc. Announces Additional Progress of Onsite Metallurgical Activity at the Deer Trail Mine

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - December 13, 2007) - Unico, Incorporated (OTCBB: UCOI), a natural resource company in the precious metals mining sector, today announced that additional onsite metallurgical activity has been conducted at the Deer Trail Mine in Marysvale, Utah.

The company has issued the following update on the recent progress of metallurgical work:

"Several tests of different mineral collectors, floatation reagents, have been conducted. Four types of xanthates (ethyl, butyl, propyl and amyl) were used in various combinations with sodium and potassium, which are stabilizers in the chemical formula. The control of pH was considered for determining the efficiency to float the mineral and to help discriminate ZnS in the first step. We found that it was possible to separate the galena from chalcopyrite and sphalerite with a pH level between 10.5 and 11.6. It has been decided to use lime to increase the pH levels in the process due to the price difference of soda ash. By using lime a high pH level may be obtained and stabilized. This will allow the copper and lead metal ions to be precipitated in sphalerite.

The use of the appropriate frother in the floatation process is currently under evaluation. Factors that must be considered are its solubility in water and its capabilities of lowering the interfacial energy between gas and water. These tests are currently underway.

The sulfide ore found in the Deer Trail PTH tunnel 3400 area has been a main area of focus. Since the ores found in various areas of the Deer Trail property, including the 3400 area of the PTH tunnel, do not all have the same characteristics, the company is currently developing different procedures for processing each of the ore types.

With the test work that has been conducted to date on the upper Deer Trail tailings, the results have led us to the observation that the gold and silver in the tailings are associated with its sulfide Galena contents. It was noted that the sulfide particles have partially external oxidized surfaces. Tests are being conducted to determine if the oxidized surface can be polished by re-grinding the tailings through our ball mill, after which further testing will determine whether or not the tailings will be amenable to sulfide floatation. Additional tests are being conducted to determine the best means of recovery."

In addition to the metallurgical report, the company reported the recent purchase of a new atomic absorption unit that will be used to speed up the analytical process. The 210VGP Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer purchased from Buck Scientific, Inc. ( is expected to arrive on site this week. The new unit will help to expedite the assaying of samples from both the mine and mill and will provide us with instant results. All previous assay samples had been sent out to independent labs for analysis, thus creating periodic delays in receiving results. Check samples will still be sent out to independent labs for quality assurance.

"We are pleased to report this update on the metallurgical work being conducted at the Deer Trail Mine, and look forward to continued onsite progress as we prepare for the initiation of processing operations at the site," stated Mark A. Lopez, chief executive officer of Unico. "As the final steps of the reconstruction of the mill and processing facility are completed, specifically the start-up testing of equipment and any remaining electrical connections, the metallurgical work conducted at the site will help to fine-tune aspects of the floatation circuit in order to produce the most effective operational processes possible."

In August 2007, Unico announced that it had completed the purchase of the Deer Trail Mine for its Deer Trail Mining Company subsidiary.

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