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November 30, 2006 09:00 ET

Unico, Inc. Announces Modified Agreement With Behre Dolbear for Expanded Geological Services at the Deer Trail Mine

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 30, 2006 -- Unico, Incorporated (OTCBB: UCOI), a natural resource company in the precious metals mining sector, today announced a modified and expanded agreement with Behre Dolbear and Company (USA), Inc. for geological services at Unico's Deer Trail Mine in Marysvale, Utah.

Behre Dolbear, a preeminent mining industry consultancy firm, has been providing geological services at the Deer Trail Mine under an agreement originally reached in March 2006. The initial focus of Behre Dolbear's work has been related to material from the underground diamond core drilling program undertaken at the Deer Trail Mine in 2005. Behre Dolbear is performing the geological core logging and spitting verification on core samples before they are sent to ALS Chemex for analysis. Behre Dolbear is also reporting on the mineralization and providing additional technical advice on the project as desired by Unico's wholly owned subsidiary, Deer Trail Mining Company, LLC.

The new agreement adds several new areas that will fall under Behre Dolbear's scope of services on the Deer Trail project. Included in the revisions are:

--  Given assistance from Deer Trail personnel, Behre Dolbear will
    assemble all the available data relating to the locations, volumes, and
    grades of the tailings that Deer Trail intends to process through the
    Project's mill.
--  Based on the information available, Behre Dolbear will estimate the
    volumes, tonnages, and grades of those tailings and will, if needed,
    recommend a drilling program to better define those tonnages and grades.
--  Behre Dolbear will summarize the results of the drill core logging
    completed to date and correlate those results with pertinent assays of
    material from those holes to determine the factors from the logging that
    relate to and facilitate the location of significant mineralization.
--  With Deer Trail's assistance, Behre Dolbear will assemble all the
    available data (mineralization, rock types, structure, alteration, etc.)
    from past drilling and mining, focusing on the 3100-3400 zone in the PTH
    adit, i.e., the Proctor Stope and Proctor Stope Extension, which is the
    zone most easily accessible for near-term mining.
--  Behre Dolbear will correlate data from the extant logging effort and
    assays with the data from past drilling and mining to locate and model, to
    the extent possible, potentially mineable mineralization in the 3100-3400
--  Behre Dolbear will determine if logging of the holes not yet logged in
    the 4400 zone of the PTH adit is warranted, based upon the logging to date
    of holes in that zone and any available data from past drilling and mining.
--  Behre Dolbear will assist Deer Trail with judgments and potential
    approaches to exploitation of the Toroweap Sandstone in the 8600 area of
    the PTH adit. (It appears that this area has the greatest potential for
    hosting high grade, large tonnage mineralization at the Deer Trail Mine.
    That area is, however, the portion of the existing workings that is least
    accessible for mining in the near term.)
The agreement calls for additional personnel and support for Behre Dolbear's work at the Deer Trail Mine. Further, the modifications call for reorganizing and redirecting site efforts that have heretofore focused specifically on the logging, chemical analyses, and interpretation of the drill cores. Behre Dolbear will focus on those aspects of the expanded work scope that will most quickly lead to the definition and potential reporting of ore reserves in the form of mine tailings. They will also focus strongly on the development of mineralization models that facilitate judgments regarding the 3100-3400 area of the PTH adit and the timing of work in the 8600 area.

"We are extremely pleased to have expanded the scope of our agreement with Behre Dolbear, and look forward to broadening this relationship further as we work to establish long-term mining operations at the Deer Trail Mine," stated Mark A. Lopez, chief executive officer of Unico, Inc. "There is much still to be accomplished, particularly as it relates to defining potential mineral resources at Unico's subsidiary mine properties, and the expansion of our agreement with Behre Dolbear is an important step in that direction."

"One of the primary objectives in our agreement to this new work order change is adding value to the Deer Trail Mine and related project assets in the short-term. We feel very confident that Behre Dolbear will provide the additional insight needed to help clarify our path in moving forward," added Mr. Lopez.

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