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March 15, 2016 02:00 ET

Unifed Brand Debuts Subscription Offering of New Digital Signage Applications Within Rise Vision's Content Marketplace

PHOENIX, AZ --(Marketwired - March 15, 2016) - Unified Brand announced today that they have started to expand the market for their high-quality digital signage content through the Rise Vision content marketplace. The first of their data-driven signage applications were launched within Rise Vision's store this week and will be followed by many more. This launch marks the beginning of a unique collaboration between two Digital Signage leaders, one being Unified Brand and the other being Data Call Technologies. Data Call Technologies, a pioneer in the industry, has been offering licensed dynamic infotainment content since 2002. Unified Brand now blends their own creative skills with this infotainment and crafts unique visualizations, packaged in their own creative solution, providing for clients who are looking for turn-key, cost-effective and immediate access to premium digital signage content through an e-commerce solution.

Guy Tonti, President of Unified Brand, is excited about this next venture for his company saying, "Rise Vision's store offers Unified Brand a larger market for licensing and distributing content to digital signs nationally, even globally. We have offered our in-network clients the highest quality service and content development for over 7 years and now our offering can appeal to a much larger audience of Digital Signage customers. As we expand our presence within the Rise Vision store, we look forward to the opportunity to assist a whole new customer base in the adoption of the technology and the effective application to their unique environment. Content is what makes this communication medium relevant and meaningful to its audience and we believe our content, previously limited to our private client network, can drive viewership."

Tim Vance, CEO of Data Call Technologies, is also excited about the strategic alliance with Unified Brand. "How many times can I preach that content is key to any successful Digital Signage network? Guy and his team bring years of content design and development experience helping to keep content fresh. This is a compilation of two unique and complementary proficiencies. We offer access to a large amount of great playlist ready content and data feeds, but it is often the packaging and delivery that can present challenges for new customer deployments. This is where I believe Unified Brand's specialty comes in with their distinctive flavor of Playlist Ready."

Unified Brand and Data Call plan to release many more Digital Signage applications to the Rise Vision marketplace. "We have abundant access to information in today's world and simply need to deliver this information in meaningful, relevant and creative ways. Digital Signage is the perfect technology for this type of visual communication and storytelling. This collaboration illustrates that our two companies are dedicated to the growth and evolution of Digital Signage in support of data visualization over the next decade," Guy added.

All of Unified Brand's new content applications will be demonstrated in Data Call Technologies' booth at this week's Digital Signage Expo, booth C-11.

Unified Brand was started in 2009 as a concept to provide cost-effective in location solutions to local community businesses, providing platforms to help "unify" their brand across multiple forms of media. With growth the focus shifted to a specialty in producing Digital Signage networks as private TV channels to meet the specific needs of each individual business. Through their AutoVision TV and NetNeighborhood products solutions are provided to Digital Signage networks and advertising solutions at enterprise customers, auto dealerships & retail stores across the United States.

Data Call Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: DCLT) is the most comprehensive aggregator of infotainment content for rebroadcast in the Americas. From Billboards, Corporate Communication, and Public Access to Numerous Digital Signage networks and screens in the Automotive, Banking, Hospitality, and Retail environments… Data Call provides Dynamic News, Sports, Weather and a whole lot more.

Rise Vision has been making software since 1992 with a focus on developing web services for Digital Signage. With thousands of users all over the world and a thriving user community they strive to provide a simple solution for delivering content worth sharing to Digital Signage everywhere.

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