November 11, 2008 17:59 ET

UNIFEM's "Say NO to Violence Against Women" Campaign in Progress; One Million Signature Mission Possible

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 11, 2008) - With just two weeks to go, the Say NO to Violence Against Women online campaign is rallying to reach its goal of one million signatures to help stop violence against women. Hoping to motivate millions of people to "click" their support for this movement, UNIFEM, the United Nations Development Fund for Women, has developed an easy and effective way for people to be heard and take action by adding their signature to the petition. UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador and campaign spokesperson Nicole Kidman will present this virtual book of signatures to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on November 25, 2008 -- the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Core Facts:

--  Violence against women and girls is perhaps the most pervasive human
    rights violation -- affecting no less than one in three women.
--  130 million women and girls alive today have undergone female genital
--  The Say NO initiative is an online advocacy initiative developed by
    UNIFEM to make ending gender-based violence a top priority worldwide.
--  This Social Media campaign is hoping to collect one million signatures
    from around the globe by November 24, 2008.

The broad-based public engagement expressed through the Say NO campaign strengthens the United Nation's efforts to fulfill women's rights to a life free of violence and abuse. With momentum building rapidly, the initiative is nearly halfway to the one million signature goal. Here are a few ways to help spread the word and get more signatures:

Add your signature to the petition here:

Post the widget and badge to your Facebook, blog, etc.

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The online campaign was expanded by social media marketing experts Rocket XL who developed a digital focus by leveraging diverse social media vehicles to tap into online influencers in an effort to raise awareness for this campaign.

Highlighted Quotes:

Nicole Kidman:

"Violence against women is an appalling human rights violation," said UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman. "But it is not inevitable. We can put a stop to this. The more names we collect, the stronger our case to make ending violence against women a top priority for governments everywhere. This is why I was the first to sign my name."

Inés Alberdi, Executive Director, UNIFEM

"Violence against women is a silent pandemic and there's a great need to raise awareness and mobilize the public. Today, the Internet is one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience and engage them on an issue. This is why we decided to run Say NO to Violence Against Women primarily as an online campaign, and we're delighted about the vast response from people around the world."

Craig Howe, Rocket XL:

"We've been focused on building a global digital community that can rally around this important initiative, empowering and motivating individuals, partners and organizations to join in the campaign with a simple click of a mouse. This is a great example of how social media can be leveraged to organically advocate change, and positively impact the lives of millions."

"Our task was to package the key elements of the initiative in a manner that would reach and immediately engage a global digital audience with a unified message. The online campaign is seamless, integrating all the elements necessary to help motivate partners to join the cause, track individual organizations and contributions, and ultimately, leverage social media technologies to get more signatures."

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Add Your Signature

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UNIFEM is the women's fund at the United Nations. It provides financial and technical assistance to innovative programmes and strategies to foster women's empowerment and gender equality. Placing the advancement of women's human rights at the centre of all of its efforts, UNIFEM focuses its activities on strengthening women's economic security and rights, ending violence against women, reversing the spread of HIV and AIDS among women and girls and promoting women's political participation.

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