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May 22, 2006 07:00 ET

Uniloc USA Announces Newest Edition of softANCHOR Software Copy Control Solution

New Product Delivers the Highest Security Available for Software Publishers to Prevent Billions of Dollars in Annual Piracy Costs With Minimal Effort

IRVINE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 22, 2006 -- Uniloc USA ("Uniloc"), the technology leader in electronic "device recognition" for software activation, announces today the availability of softANCHOR 4.0. The latest addition to Uniloc's ANCHOR™ suite of device recognition solutions, softANCHOR 4.0 enables software publishers to implement and maintain fully embedded, high security activation copy control in house, with the comparable ease and simplicity of an off-the-shelf plug in. Now offered in three product levels (Trial, Professional and Enterprise) and supporting a full range of rights and licensing models, softANCHOR 4.0 is the most flexible and advanced software activation technology ever offered to software publishers. In fact, a typical softANCHOR 4.0 implementation involves only about 30 - 50 lines of code.

"Software publishers are all too familiar with the worldwide piracy numbers -- $13 billion lost to piracy in 2004, growing to almost $200 billion in the next five years according to analyst predictions in a 2004 BSA report," said Brad Davis, chief operating officer at Uniloc. "To combat the problem, publishers have had to choose between the lesser of two evils: purchase an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all copy control 'wrapper' already very familiar to hackers, or commit valuable internal resources to researching, developing and maintaining a homegrown proprietary security solution. softANCHOR 4.0 turns this situation completely around, enabling a deeply integrated and secure activation solution with the ease of an off-the-shelf implementation. This new solution offers protection without the pain."

At the core of Uniloc's approach to activation is 14 years of research and expertise in device recognition. This unique technology identifies a user's device, whether it is a PC, set top box, game console or smart phone, by the unique hardware configuration and the inherent physical imperfections of that device. The technology then incorporates this "device fingerprint" into license management and access credentials. Uniloc's technologies can recognize a PC with accuracy several orders of magnitude greater than that of human DNA.

softANCHOR 4.0 features Uniloc's most advanced device profiling, sampling more than 10,000 different points within a computer system, targeting both naturally occurring component imperfections and intentional configuration differences. Using this very large pool of reference points enables softANCHOR to allow significant reconfiguration of user's PCs without triggering unwarranted re-activation and the associated customer support hassles.

softANCHOR has provided device-locked activation on more than 1,000 titles from at least 120 major publishers. Uniloc understands that the key to successful license management software is eliminating surprises for both the publisher and its end users. The first activation system with open access to source code, softANCHOR 4.0 enables publishers to effectively and efficiently stop hackers without penalizing honest customers or creating additional support demands. The proven technology, expertise and support provided by Uniloc mitigate the costs and headaches typically associated with developing, implementing and maintaining an effective activation solution.

"The largest software publishers can justify the resources needed to develop and support a proprietary and secure solution against unauthorized copying. But the associated costs and the need to always stay one step ahead of hackers make a homegrown approach very challenging for the majority of publishers," added Davis. "Uniloc's time-tested approach to activation delivers more paid copies and less end user support and re-activation costs than any other technology on the market. softAnchor 4.0 was designed by developers for developers to integrate seamlessly into the software development process, letting publishers stay focused on what they do best."

softANCHOR 4.0 features several extraordinary anti-hacking enhancements, the most important of which is open access to Uniloc source code. Now developers can see the code, see how it works, and have open access to track down and tackle any irregularities. With complete control over where activations occur, developers can give every product version a different activation and protection scenario.

One of the most popular and damaging attacks on software activation systems is a "brute force" attack on the over-the-phone activation system. softANCHOR 4.0 includes a patent pending, highly secure phone activation schema that uses a challenge/response method to break the identity and unlock codes into cycles of smaller numbers. This new process radically complicates the underlying codes needed to unlock the software, yet actually simplifies the process for the end user, thereby reducing helpdesk phone call durations.

With its precompiled libraries and clearly defined and documented APIs, softANCHOR 4.0 is simply the easiest, most secure activation solution available to software publishers today. To learn more, or to arrange a free no obligation trial, please visit


Uniloc USA ("Uniloc") is the technology leader in electronic "device recognition" for software copy control. Device recognition is the method of uniquely identifying a user device, such as a PC, game console, smart phone or cell phone, by the naturally occurring, inherent physical imperfections of that device, and then incorporating that "device fingerprint" into access credentials or licenses. Uniloc's technology can identify devices with more comparable accuracy than human DNA. Uniloc is the inventor and holder of the seminal device recognition patent (US 5,490,216), and has 10 related patents pending. Uniloc has applied its device recognition technical expertise into several vertical markets including: software publishing, enterprise & government network security, web-based content, online banking & trading, and video copy control. For more detailed information, please visit

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