June 13, 2006 09:30 ET

Uniloc USA Selected to Implement Pilot Program to Ensure Security and Integrity of Alameda County's Advanced Transportation Management Systems

Technology Leader's Unique Device Recognition Software Chosen to Identify and Eliminate Vulnerabilities Across Vital and Multi-Faceted System

IRVINE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 13, 2006 -- Uniloc USA ("Uniloc"), the technology leader in electronic "device recognition" for securing networks, data and digital content, announced today that it has been selected to launch a pilot program designed to increase the integrity of Alameda County's Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS). Working with leading transportation consultant, DKS Associates, Uniloc will execute the unprecedented approach taken by the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency's (ACCMA) East Bay SMART Corridors Program to ensure the integrity of these critical traffic systems.

"In recent years, the security of transportation systems has become a top priority, especially in highly congested regions like the San Francisco Bay Area," said Cyrus Minoofar, Director of ITS, Alameda County Congestion Management Agency (ACCMA) and Program Manager of the East Bay SMART Corridors Program. "Breach of these systems can have a major impact on the efficiency and safety of our regional transportation routes and the travelers that use them. Uniloc's unique device recognition technology can protect our Advanced Transportation Management Systems against potential attacks."

The ACCMA is the lead agency for transportation improvements in the Alameda and western Contra Costa counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. On behalf of all 28 participating agencies, the ACCMA East Bay SMART Corridors Program tapped Uniloc and DKS Associates to initiate this first project of its kind in the U.S. to test the integrity of its multi-modal Advanced Transportation Management System. This system provides real-time traffic conditions to travelers and local public agencies such as first responders, mass transit and flow management, allowing transportation professionals to improve the safety and efficiency of the regional transportation corridors while empowering travelers with information to make better travel decisions. This pilot program is being implemented to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and safeguard systems from attacks.

"The East Bay SMART Corridors Program has prioritized the complete protection of its transportation systems and all associated networks from potential security breaches," said Habib Shamskhou, National ITS Director and Principal of DKS Associates. "These systems are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, with layers of information and numerous data sources exchanged and stored in a central repository. This made it necessary to implement a technology solution powerful enough to identify and secure against a host of potential attacks, but simple and cost effective enough to be implemented across a complex and sophisticated system. Uniloc's technology was the best fit on both fronts."

The patented Uniloc technology is based on 14 years of research and expertise in device recognition. This unique technology identifies a user's device, whether it is a PC, server, set top box, game console or smart phone, by the unique hardware configuration and the inherent physical imperfections of that device. The technology then incorporates this "device fingerprint" into license management and access credentials. Uniloc's technologies can recognize a PC with accuracy several orders of magnitude greater than that of human DNA.

"The selection of Uniloc's netANCHOR device recognition solution by the ACCMA East Bay SMART Corridors Program and DKS systems represents yet another application of this versatile technology," said Brad Davis, Chief Operating Officer at Uniloc. "Our netANCHOR transportation security solution is device and network agnostic. It creates secure communications between state-of-the-art next-generation systems as well as legacy technologies. We look forward to illustrating through this pilot program that device recognition is the most effective and powerful approach to securing networks and data available."


The Alameda County Congestion Management Agency (ACCMA) was created in 1991 by a joint-powers agreement between Alameda County and all its cities. The CMA's goals, duties and composition make it easier for local governments to tackle the increasingly complex problem of traffic congestion. Established in 1995 in response to the need for improved mobility, the East Bay SMART Corridors Program (SMART Corridors) is setting a precedent for advancing transportation management systems in the Bay Area. Using existing resources, and costing significantly less than constructing new lanes, SMART Corridors improves traffic by implementing an Advanced Transportation Management System that uses cutting-edge technology and is founded on key partnerships between agencies and jurisdictions. SMART Corridors achieves improvements in mobility and roadway safety. In addition, the program empowers users to make SMART traveling choices.


DKS Associates is a national transportation planning and engineering firm that provides state-of-the-art consulting services for all modes of ground transportation. DKS is an employee-owned company. Founded in 1979, DKS has become one of the largest specialized transportation engineering and planning firms in the United States. DKS provides technically innovative and institutionally sensitive solutions appropriate to the needs of each client.


Uniloc USA ("Uniloc") is the technology leader in electronic "device recognition" for securing networks, data and digital content. Device recognition is the method of uniquely identifying a user device, such as a PC, server, game console, smart phone or cell phone, by the naturally occurring, inherent physical imperfections of that device, and then incorporating that "device fingerprint" into access credentials or licenses. Uniloc's technology can identify devices with more comparable accuracy than human DNA. Uniloc is the inventor and holder of the seminal device recognition patent (US 5,490,216), and has over 10 related patents pending. Uniloc has applied its device recognition technical expertise into several vertical markets including: software publishing, enterprise & government network security, web-based content, online banking & trading, and video copy control. For more detailed information, please visit

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