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January 31, 2012 16:21 ET

Unimax Introduces Spotlight -- a PBX and Voicemail Reporting Dashboard

Spotlight Transforms Static PBX, Voicemail, and Directory Attributes Into Stunning, Interactive Visualizations That Deliver Advanced Business Intelligence

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 31, 2012) - Unimax Systems Corporation®, a leading provider of Self-Service Telecom Management tools, Automated Telecom Management tools, and MAC Administration software, today unveiled a new voice system administration reporting product called Spotlight at the International Avaya User Group (IAUG) conference in San Diego, CA.

Spotlight is a web-based telecom dashboard that presents interactive charts, graphs, and reports from PBX, voicemail, and directory systems across both single and multi-vendor telecom environments. Spotlight provides the ability to view data that is unified from different PBX, voicemail, and directory system types on a single screen. Spotlight is compatible with systems from Avaya®/Nortel®, Cisco®, AVST®, and Microsoft®.

Spotlight makes it easy to view critical telecom administration data and empowers telecom administrators, managers, and directors to make better strategic and tactical decisions about their telecom environment. For example, a user can display inventory, used and unused assets, specific information about a move, add, or change (MAC) activity or all MAC activity, underutilized features, just to name a few. The ability to create Exception Reports is a particularly powerful feature of Spotlight. Exception Reports enable a telecom or IT department to identify data that is not normal or falls outside of defined parameters. For example, a telecom manager can easily generate a report indicating which executive level phones have incorrect profile settings.

Spotlight transforms otherwise static PBX, voicemail, and directory data into stunning, interactive visualizations that can be viewed, analyzed, and shared. It is a platform independent, web-based solution that is compatible with today's most popular browsers including Internet Explorer®, Chrome®, Firefox®, and others.

"One of Spotlight's greatest strengths is that it delivers a level of functionality and visibility that goes beyond what is available in the reporting tools provided by PBX and voicemail equipment vendors," said Phil Moen, Unimax President and CEO. "For example, Spotlight is able to display data which is sometimes not even exposed in the vendor-provided reporting tools. Spotlight also offers global and relational charting and reporting capabilities that make it possible to view data from multiple PBX and voicemail system types in a single chart or report. This global view works in both single and multi-vendor environments. This product should, and will, be in every company's stable of network and voice administration tools."

"Spotlight pulls its information from a powerful, integrated database that unifies critical telecom administration data from PBX, voicemail, and directory systems," said Teresa Dixon, Unimax Director of Product Management. "This database holds the data from thousands of voice system attributes. Spotlight can be easily configured on a per user basis to display whichever attributes are required for a specific decision or need. It's this kind of business intelligence that can provide telecom and IT departments with the timely, detailed information which is critical when making decisions about areas such as asset management, emergency problem solving and troubleshooting, cost savings and efficiency, and policy management."

The benefits of using Spotlight are immediate and measurable. They include reducing operational costs, strengthening security, increasing visibility, and improving internal customer service levels.

Spotlight is available immediately from Unimax at a price of $4,500. This is an introductory price which includes installation, system downloads, training, and more.

Unimax will host a webinar to introduce and demonstrate Spotlight on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 1:00 pm (Central). To register, visit the official Spotlight webinar registration site. For additional information, please visit the Spotlight website at The website contains detailed product information, sample charts and reports, a Spotlight white paper, and much more.

Spotlight is compatible with PBX, voicemail, and directory systems from Avaya®/Nortel®, Cisco®, AVST®, and Microsoft®.

About Unimax

Unimax believes that administering PBX and voice messaging systems can be far less complex and costly, while delivering much better service levels. We develop Self-Service Telecom Management and Automated Telecom Management solutions. Examples include Self-Service Voicemail Password Reset, Automated On and Off-Boarding, and many others.

Unimax also provides an advanced reporting dashboard for PBX, voicemail, and directory data called Spotlight as well as unified MAC administration software to replace the use of vendor provided administration interfaces for single and multi-vendor PBX and voicemail systems. Our Unified Voice Administration product called 2nd Nature unifies the management of important telecom administrative functions such as moves, adds, and changes (MACs), transaction auditing, reporting, and much more.

Our solutions reduce operational costs, strengthen security, Increase visibility and control, and improve internal customer service. Unimax's technology is compatible with PBX and voicemail systems from Avaya®/Nortel®, AVST®, Cisco®, and others. Our solutions also integrate voice systems with critical business software such as Microsoft's Active Directory®, human resource applications, call accounting, E-911, and others.

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