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August 07, 2014 08:30 ET

Union Dental and Drinkable Air Report the Initial Reports From the Certified Lab Have Been Better Than Expected

CORAL SPRINGS, FL--(Marketwired - August 07, 2014) - Union Dental Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: UDHI) -- a provider of multi-state dental services for union members, announced today as a part of its Joint Venture Agreement with Drinkable Air (DA) that the initial water tests from the Nationally Certified Water Testing Lab have come back better than expected. 

The testing protocols written by Steve Kairis, President and CEO of Drinkable Air, were established to test the Green Ozonator in a harsher environment then what the Green Ozonator will experience in the modern dental operatory. Most dental offices will be 72 degrees with 40% Relative Humidity. The tests have been conducted in 90 degree temperatures with 70%RH. The procedures were established to mimic conditions most favorable for bacteria growth to test the ability of the system.

Dr. George Green, CEO of UDHI stated: "Originally we were going to test the Green Ozonator with hourly intervals for the ozone purification to mirror operatory procedures. I asked Mr. Kairis to decrease the frequency of running the Green Ozonator to test its ability. I was confident in the results since we have been running the Green Ozonator in our facility for over 9 months. I believe this protocol will give me stronger test results to submit to the regulatory bodies. It shows the ability the Green Ozononator to decrease and eliminate bacteria in the water and decrease the buildup of biofilm in the water delivery lines."

Steve Kairis, President and CEO of Drinkable Air stated; "Next week, I will complete the publication of our certified water tests results. This week, we are conducting water tests using the same equipment but without utilizing the Green Ozonator's ozone cycle. This is for comparison purposes. The results from the first week of tests with the Green Ozonator were much better than we anticipated. I am very pleased with the results."

About Union Dental Holdings, Inc.

Union Dental Holdings manages a 22 operatory full service dental practice in Coral Springs, Florida. It is the exclusive supplier of Drinkable Air's patented ozone atmospheric water generators for the US dental industry and is a leading innovator for bringing bacteria free water into the dental operatory settings. Union Dental operates two wholly owned subsidiaries, Direct Dental Services and Union Dental Corp. Direct Dental Services provides dentists with "areas of exclusivity" to participate with various unions including the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters (UA) and The Association of Flight Attendants - Communications Workers of America (AFA-CWA). Direct Dental Services receives annual management fees from the dentists in exchange for practicing in these "areas of exclusivity" where CWA and IBEW members use the dentists' services.

About Drinkable-Air, Inc.

Drinkable Air, Inc. (a Florida corporation) ("DA") offers to the U.S. and international markets atmospheric water generators ("AWG") that enable people to enjoy pure, 99.9% clean water. The water supply is obtained from the humidity in the air and condensed, processed and purified through a patented process. Drinkable Air's Chameleon line of AWG's is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the world's ever-growing need for pure, clean drinking water. The Company's proprietary EnviroGuard System eliminates bacteria and purifies the water with an ozone process which oxygenates the water. This process keeps the water pure, fresh and great tasting at all times. Drinkable Air and Union Dental recently filed for patents for a new product designed to use Drinkable Air's technology specifically for dental operatory systems and the patent was approved in Canada.

The market opportunity is vast and includes utilization in: Residential, Businesses, Commercial, , Marina's, Municipalities, Industrial, Government, Humanitarian Relief and Developing Countries. The capacity of this technology to generate drinking water from air will create a point of differentiation that will serve all the indicated markets above.

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