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January 27, 2015 16:40 ET

Unipathic Medicine Calls for the Revival of Better Cancer Treatment for Patients

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - January 27, 2015) - Unipathic Medicine is calling for a complete overhaul of the cancer diagnostics and treatment system to more properly focus on genomics. From its onset, cancer has not been diagnosed in enough detail and treatment is being selected incorrectly, and in our experience, it's costing all too many lives. According to Dr. Dino Prato, founder of Unipathic Medicine, "The perpetual standard cancer diagnoses and treatments covered by insurance have created an unfruitful and vicious cycle for late stage and complex cancer sufferers. In our opinion, patients do not have access to the technology and treatments needed to help them outperform." Several universities and researches have proven that cancer is a not a disease of tissue, but one of continual genetic mutations that are many times caused by carcinogens, including infections, and other factors. Unipathic Medicine utilizes this new methodology in an attempt to improve patient outcomes.

Unipathic physicians are using genomic testing to find molecular profiles/ biomarkers and underlying causes that push oncogenesis (the formation of tumors). This is a much more specialized approach than characterizing cancer on tissue type, examples being breast, colon and lung cancer, which focus on anatomical location. This information tells you nothing when it comes to selecting the most targeted care. Testing for genomics needs to go beyond old biopsies, especially if the biopsy is more than a couple of months old; it needs to provide real time genomic information from the circulating tumor cells as well. Unipathic doctors order tests and workups for patients to achieve a highly focused medical blueprint. This approach to cancer treatment features multiple critical targets, and it doesn't just use chemotherapy. Bringing cancer treatment into the 21st century is the ultimate goal.

Unipathic Medicine also focuses on multiple immunotherapy cancer targets, where the immune system is harnessed to fight cancer. Dr. Dino Prato had this to say, "Years ago I felt that the conventional system of medicine was broken for many patients and it was promoting a die with dignity mentality. My Christian faith didn't allow me to accept that, especially with late stage and hard to beat cancers; I knew that there was so much more that needed to be done. Through creating Unipathic Medicine, we have achieved standards for a new level of integrative cancer treatment for patients. Patients don't want to give up, they want to live and keep fighting using the best evidence based medicine from around the world and that is what we do for them every day."

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