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May 27, 2015 19:58 ET

Unipathic Medicine: Video Animation Explains the Difficulties in Treating Chronic Lyme Disease Complex

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - May 27, 2015) - Patients and doctors now have important, peer reviewed and scientific answers about why Lyme disease becomes chronic and why it causes so many health problems in patients. Unipathic Medicine has developed a powerful animation that helps visualize factors such as the bacteria that causes Lyme disease (the borrelia spirochete), immunity, and biofilm. The goal is to help patients, doctors and even researchers have a better understanding of the disease. The animation was based on a recent study by Envita Medical Center, which summarizes the difficulties of what we call Chronic Lyme disease Complex. Unipathic Medicine defines Chronic Lyme disease Complex as involving one or more factors: Lyme disease; its co-infections; the reactivation of dormant infections, such as viruses, fungal and parasitic infections; and/or an immune compromised state that can be further complicated by heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicities, essential nutritional deficiencies and structural impairments as part of the etiology of the chronic disease. If a patient doesn’t receive or respond to antibiotic treatment within the first 30 days of exposure to Lyme disease, it is possible for them to turn chronic.

The Envita study sums up many of the complications of Lyme disease quite nicely with the statement that, “Borrelia has the unique ability to evade the immune system through the regulation of membrane proteins, variable surface proteins, the ability to migrate to regions where it is not exposed to the immune system or antibiotics, invagination or invasion within various cells, and the potential to produce biofilms.” Discovering the mechanisms of action in Lyme disease bacteria is leading medical professionals to possess the insight and knowledge to help more effectively approach and treat the disease.

The current state of Lyme disease treatment is still insufficient but now with this study and animation, patients can become more educated to the complexities of this disease. It’s important for doctors and patients to finally have better resources about the inner workings of Lyme disease and the information provided by the animation and the Envita study can help explain why chronic Lyme disease occurs and becomes so difficult to treat.

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