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February 10, 2010 08:00 ET

Unique Event to Honour Canada's Olympians' Moms at the 2010 Winter Games


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 10, 2010) -


"We've organized events across Canada to recognize and celebrate the contributions of the country's 600,000-plus ice hockey moms. Now it's time to put the spotlight on a group whose dedication and sacrifice has often gone unrecognized – Canada's Olympic athletes' Moms. We've planned a special celebration which we hope they'll remember forever," says Warren Michaels, Vice President, Communications for COLD-FX maker Afexa Life Sciences.

One hundred and fifteen Moms will be honoured at a special recognition event at Canada Olympic House at 3 pm on Feb 24th. Their children competed under the Canadian flag in virtually every Olympic Games since 1956 with the exception of 1980 when Canada joined a multinational boycott to protest the invasion of Afghanistan by the Russians.

The honourees are responding to their invitations with remarkable expressions of gratitude. A former Olympian, alluding to the Olympic Games as the show, responded to the invitation with a note which read in part, "Although it's been 14 years since I went to the show, my Mom cried when I invited her to be celebrated for her work as a mom." 

A 99-year old Mom whose two daughters were Olympic competitors and broke world records in swimming beginning back in the '50s will be a special guest at the event. She will be accompanied by her daughters. She'll be joined by another Mom, Dorothy McKilligan who is a mere 89 years-old.

Mrs. McKilligan's son John will be among the 38 past Olympians also attending the event. John's Olympic career began in 1963 when he and his kid sister Betty were horsing around outside their Nanaimo home and he hoisted her above his head and spun her around. A visiting figure skating coach, observing the shenanigans, told their mother and father that their children should skate pairs. So was born a team that represented Canada at the 1968 Olympic Games in France.

One Mom wrote in her RSVP, "I'd just like to thank you for even thinking of hosting such an event, let alone executing it! Families do indeed provide a great deal of support to high performance athletes."

"Moms make a unique contribution to their children's athletic development right from the beginning, as cheerleaders, coaches, physiotherapists, and sports-psychologists, "says Cathy Priestner Allinger, VANOC Executive Vice President, Sport and Games Operations. "We're very happy to recognize the fundamental contribution that these moms have made to support their children's Olympic dreams, and Canada's medal-aspirations." (Cathy won a silver medal in speed skating in 1976).

Each Mom will receive a special memento – a commemorative silver pendant inscribed with a "Thank You, Olympic Mom" on one side and an Olympic symbol on the other.

A breakdown of some of the attendees  

  • 30 Moms of athletes competing in the 2010 Winter Games
  • 85 Moms of athletes who competed over the past 6 decades
  • 38 Moms will be accompanied by their Olympian son or daughter from previous Games
  • 4 Moms of the 4-member men's curling team competing in Vancouver
  • 6 Moms of members of the 26-member speed skating teams, both long and short track
  • 7 Moms of the 23-member women's ice hockey team. 
  • Moms of the ice dancing duo of Wing and Lowe who competed in 2006
  • Mom of two sisters competing in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games – Chandra and Rosanna Crawford – who will compete in cross-country skiing and biathlon, respectively.


COLD-FX® is the Official Cold and Flu Remedy of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the sponsor of six Olympic and Paralympic athletes – Clara Hughes, Joannie Rochette, Chandra Crawford, Ashleigh McIvor, Paul Rosen and Steve Omischl.

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