Unique Gift Baskets

Unique Gift Baskets

February 20, 2008 09:01 ET

Unique Gift Baskets Has Learned an Important Lesson About Dealing With an Unethical Business Associate and Wants to Warn You!

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 20, 2008) - Unique Gift Baskets owner Deborah Faurot is sadder but wiser today. Her dealings with Well Wishers, a foreign business gift order company backfired badly and she got burned when Mr. Mort Walco's company refused to repay her for money spent in Canada on his company's behalf.

Vancouver-based Classic Greetings' Unique Gift Baskets is the longest-established gift business in Western Canada, and has provided Travel Agents with Alaska cruise "Bon Voyage" gifts for over 14 years. Perhaps that is why the owner of Well Wishers International in Tennessee chose our firm to work out a strategic alliance.

"He used every dirty trick in the book not to pay us," admits Ms. Faurot, adding: "My only recourse is to get a Collection Agency in Tennessee to extract the money from him!"

Now that Ms. Faurot has reached an impasse with Well Wishers, she feels it is important to let other "potential victims" know of the offending company's bad business practices.

"I wouldn't wish a hassle like this on my worst enemy," states Ms. Faurot. "When you're trying to run a business and keep your own clients happy, maintain your own reputation for excellence and reliability and so on, it is highly distracting and upsetting to have to fight with someone long-distance just to get paid for work you've done -- 2 years ago - on their behalf! I feel badly about having to hire a Collection Agency, but that's the cost of having a trusting nature and being open to apparent opportunities that present themselves to you."

Ms. Faurot requested that well-respected Canadian consumer, business and travel writer Anne Garber look into her tale-of-woe, and after investigating the facts of the case, Ms. Garber agreed. The result is the attached story that is running in various business and travel publications, as well as online. Adds Ms. Garber: "Unfortunately, the 'offending party', a Mr. Mort Walco -- who initially appeared willing to be interviewed to give his side of the story -- simply disappeared from my radar, effectively refusing to talk to me. Why would he avoid me and be reluctant to offer a challenge to the facts Ms. Faurot had assembled? When I finally heard back from him, the story he told and the 'facts' he presented were so far-fetched that I had to check with the authorities he quoted, and none of his claims proved to be credible. I prefer to present a balanced story, but if one party is uncooperative, this goal is obviously unattainable. My advice to those involved in a dispute is to tell the truth absolutely (as I believe is the case with Deborah Faurot), because untruths and fabrications will be quickly uncovered by any genuine reporter or journalist. And telling falsehoods will eventually come back to haunt you, with an enduring negative impact on your reputation."

Ms. Garber's article can be found on her website at www.evalu8.org or at this link "Fishing on the other side of the Pond: What to do when you are the victim of a faraway, non-paying business associate".

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