March 13, 2008 10:30 ET

Unique Site ( Cooked From Illinois Couple's Kitchen Turns Out to Be a Gold Mine for Recruiters

SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwire - March 13, 2008) - A married couple from West Dundee, a suburb in Illinois, cooked a unique social networking site,, exclusive for recruiters right from their kitchen. This site could possibly turn out to a gold mine for recruiters. After the site beta version released on Feb. 28th, added over 1000 members and is growing daily like a powerful nuclear fusion reaction.

This site is developed by Tom and Dolly Venad, who wanted to do something different from their regular work and to learn web technology. "We started this site as a small learning session, which snowballed with ideas every day and grew out to this site. I believe this site will help recruiters to walk over the flat world successfully through collaboration," said Tom.

The couple built this site around the concept of a coffee bar where recruiters can hang out, meet other recruiters in a relaxed environment, trade or swap deals, swap messages, actively engage in topics, have secret meetings, check for the jobs posted by their friends or by other recruiters, help other recruiters with placement of a candidate and much more.

Who can benefit from

This site is designed to help recruiters who would like to work with other recruiters in closing a job requirement or help find a suitable placement for their candidate.

What can recruiters do at

Recruiters can:

--  Socialize with other recruiters
--  Expand networks with other recruiters
--  Share job leads
--  Share candidate leads
--  Bottom line: close more deals successfully through collaboration

Crootpad is built with Microsoft technologies SQLServer2005, which serves as the database engine, and 2, along with AJAX. New enhancements are coming and they are looking into Microsoft Silverlite technology to bring more agility to the site.


Crootpad is a hybrid social networking platform created exclusively for recruiters to connect with other recruiters, to expand networks, and to work with other members to close more deals.

Contact Information

  • Media contact:
    Tom Venad
    (800) 783-6192