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February 22, 2010 09:30 ET

Unique Wellness Unveils Revolutionary New Incontinence Management Program

Unique Wellness Brief Brings Comfort, Control and Confidence to 25 Million Americans Living With Incontinence

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 22, 2010) - Unique Wellness, manufacturer of the world's most absorbent adult briefs, offers new hope for the more than 25 million Americans living with incontinence, by today announcing the introduction of the Unique Wellness Incontinence Program. The program brings adult diaper users the most comprehensive, cost effective, healthiest and environmentally friendly incontinence solution available today.

"For the last 50 years nothing has changed in how incontinence is being managed," said Steve Goelman, CEO of Unique Wellness. "Today through our Unique Wellness Incontinence Program we bring the promise of a hassle-free life to those who depend on adult briefs. Under our program only three changes are needed every 24 hours, compared to an average of 9-10 required with other products. By using the Wellness Brief those living with incontinence now have all the control, comfort and confidence that comes from knowing they need never fear embarrassing accidents at work, on a long commutes, trips or at social gatherings."

The Wellness Brief is the most absorbent adult brief available today giving adults all the comfort and confidence needed when deciding upon daily activities. Unique Wellness adult diapers can reduce landfill use by over 70% due to the minimal changes required with a Wellness Brief, making the program the most environmentally friendly incontinence solution on the market today.

With only a single brief needed per night or a maximum of three every 24 hours, wearers save time, money and can help prevent serious medical side effects such as of skin rashes leading to infections, urinary tract infections and even the unpleasant odors often associated with other incontinence products.

With a deep understanding of incontinence and a results oriented approach to design and manufacturing, the Unique Wellness Incontinence Program brings the most technologically advanced, most highly absorbent adult diapers to those millions of Americans living with incontinence.

--  The Wellness Brief is based on the same technology used by NASA
    astronauts in space; The MAG (Maximum Absorbency Garment) absorbs
    liquid and pulls it away from the skin.
--  The Unique Wellness brief absorb about 87 oz of liquid (nearly four
    times the average adult brief).
--  Users can regain the control, confidence and comfort necessary to
    live each day without limitations by using the new Unique Wellness
    Incontinence Program
--  By using Unique Wellness Briefs, wearers have the highest level of
    hygiene and safety on the market today.

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Unique Wellness, an adult brief manufacturer, offers comfort and confidence to millions of people by focusing solely on providing the best care for adults experiencing incontinence. The company produces the world's best adult briefs, revolutionizing the market by allowing users and caregivers the freedom of fewer daily changes and a more efficient and cost-effective solution. For more information visit Unique Wellness at

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