July 01, 2013 08:00 ET

Unison Brings Enterprise Messaging Platform to iOS and Android

Fast Messenger Platform Reduces Need for Email and Enterprise Social Networks

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2013) - Unison Technologies, Inc. today announced new apps for iOS and Android that enable fast one-to-one and group messaging for business people. These apps, combined with the existing web interface, give companies the same high-speed, quick and easy communication abilities that consumers recently adopted en masse with hit consumer mobile messaging apps, but with the security and structure needed by enterprises.

Unison's mobile and web-based social collaboration platform helps meet the needs of growing "consumerized" enterprise IT environments. Unison fills the gaps left by slow, overloaded email systems and enterprise social networks.

"We're seeing clear early evidence that the messaging trend will be as large in business as it has become among consumers," said Manlio Carrelli, CEO of Unison. "Just as consumers moved from email to social networks and now to fast messaging apps, we believe the same trend will play out in business, as a response to today's email and enterprise social network bloat."

Consumer-Style Messaging with Enterprise-Level Security

Unlike consumer messaging platforms, Unison automatically connects teams to their co-workers on the same domain, and enables company IT departments to administer rights. It is also more secure than consumer apps, by limiting each Unison "room" -- a secure discussion group -- to people invited by one "owner", instead of allowing any group member to invite others.

"Consumer hits like WhatsApp are great, but they don't fit the needs of a business environment," added Carrelli. "Unison's enterprise messaging tools are fast and secure, and we believe this will help businesses reduce emails and time-killing status update meetings in their organizations."

As an example of the difference between messaging apps for business and consumers, a team at one of the world's largest software companies tried and failed to use WhatsApp for collaboration. To share conversations, they needed to screenshot WhatsApp threads with their smartphones and send the screenshots as images to other team members. Their IDs were also attached to phone numbers and not to business email addresses. The team replaced WhatsApp with Unison.

Unison is not simply a clone of consumer messengers, as businesses have higher administration requirements and also need more structure to conversations. However, it shares the same DNA as consumer messaging with simple, consumer-style features not possible on email. Unison mobile apps enable professionals to:

  • See who is online and available on virtually any device, including iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.
  • Send quick messages to individuals or a group and confirm if the messages are read.
  • Post photos or a person's location quickly to a group, with the ability for anyone in the group to immediately comment.
  • Send short voice messages from anywhere with the press of a button.

Unison mobile apps are available immediately and free to download at Google Play and iTunes.

About Unison Technologies, Inc.
Unison Technologies, Inc. is the creator of the messaging app Unison, the fastest way for teams and companies to talk in groups. It works across smartphones, tablets and computers, and dramatically speeds up teamwork by keeping groups on the same page throughout the day. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in New York City with offices in Europe. Unison may be found online at

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