June 28, 2012 09:00 ET

UNIT4 Delivers on Promised Analytics Software Market Breakthrough

First set of rapid-install, single-purpose, enterprise BI apps available via UNIT4 Solution Store;

35 pay-for-use, turnkey apps target various organizational roles; Tap consumerization of IT;

Aging 'big ERP' options misaligned with today's fast-access, decentralized, constant-change needs

SLIEDRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - June 28, 2012) - UNIT4 (EURONEXT AMSTERDAM:UNIT4), the global business software group, announced today the availability of 35 role-based, turnkey and rapidly-installed business intelligence (BI) apps that are offered through the UNIT4 Solution Store via a pay-for-use per user/per month subscription model. The first series of highly-defined solutions are designed to solve nine categories of repetitive challenges, risks and/or opportunities experienced by specific roles across the entire organization. The announcement delivers on a promise made by UNIT4 six months ago that by June 2012 it would reinvent the enterprise software analytics market by changing the way new-age BI solutions will be purchased, deployed and consumed.

Called UNIT4 Business Analytic Apps, the new line of mobile-accessible, pre-integrated and interchangeable apps break through the existing barriers set by the current giants and their "all or nothing" analytic software solutions. Reflecting emerging demand for what many analysts call "the new consumerization of IT" by business users, the new UNIT4 Business Analytic Apps offer a faster, easier, and more targeted path to BI for employees at any role in the organization. They are also very affordable for even smaller and mid-sized organizations.

The "bite-sized" tapas-style apps are 90 percent complete on purchase, can be ordered via the online UNIT4 Solution Store and can be up-and-running within two days priced from just six dollars per user/per month. Such accessibility and affordability is a marked departure from the market's current line of aging, 20+-year-old BI providers, most of which have enormous IT footprints, are prohibitively expensive for the mid-market, and remain difficult-to-implement and change. These dated solutions were primarily acquired in a spate of giant software acquisitions a decade ago, and have been bolted on top of even larger and more cumbersome enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

UNIT4 Business Analytic Apps are currently available for UNIT4's Agresso and Coda Financials customers, and extend the company's change-centric value proposition. The company is known globally for its post-implementation agility features by cost-effectively addressing organizations identified as Businesses Living IN Change (BLINC)™.

Order via online turnkey Solution Store; Get value within days; Pay just dollars per month

Typical enterprise analytic software solutions have long sales and deployment cycles. Since software licensing and maintenance contracts traditionally cost tens of thousands to millions of dollars per year, buyer organizations carefully collect needed roles, requirements and data source connections to corral costs as best as possible. Competitors' installations usually take multiple months to multiple years to complete, and heavily strain IT resources. Once completed, these solutions are difficult to change to meet new market or organizational requirements, and once again put considerable cost and resource restraints on organizations to make needed changes.

By contrast, customers of the new UNIT4 Business Analytic Apps will be able to use any internet-connectable device to enter the UNIT4 Solution Store, and then search for solutions based on role or requirement; order pay-for-use solutions; add wish list solutions for future needs; rate solutions and join the social collaboration comment stream.

Once initiated, the Store order automates contact by a consulting team that organizes any further configuration. Activation of the first UNIT4 Business Analytic App takes two to three days or less. Subsequent orders can be deployed even faster. UNIT4 makes it possible for customers to add and configure applications themselves, independent of any external consultancy needs, by offering a four day "Do It Yourself" knowledge transfer program.

"The rapid two/three day professional services bundle makes it turnkey for those users who simply want it fast and easy, but we've also got an option for the power user who wants to explore and exploit additional add-on options," says Ton Dobbe, Vice President, Product Marketing, for UNIT4. "Our research shows there is a large pool of power users who enjoy a build-your-own-solution environment. For this group we have a user-friendly builder tool for those comfortable with data modeling; adding new data sources or workflows, building interactive reports, etc. We expect this will grow into a classic and highly-demanded solution production environment - where creative users write and post new turnkey solutions useful for other UNIT4 customers to the online Solution Store."

A new study released today by BizTechReports cites that technology executives and business users both believe the market's prior analytics choices are too costly, centralized and slow to respond to changing market requirements. The new BizTechReport states that, "companies desire smaller, better targeted end-user solutions. There is a growing international consensus that Business Intelligence and Analytical tools employed by mid- to large-sized enterprises must be more flexible, more affordable and provide more support for day-to-day decision-making by line of business managers."

35 role-based apps available across nine solution categories

UNIT4 has unveiled its first 35 Business Analytic Apps based on the questions users are trying to solve and highly defined for various organizational roles ranging from C-level suite to functional managers, such as the head of property development. The first nine solution categories of easy name/easy solve UNIT4 Business Analytic Apps include: "Is My Budget on Track?" - a cross-horizontal market solution for following and adjusting plans as circumstances change; "Is My Utilization on track?" - a means for professional services organizations to monitor key performance indicators tied to efficiencies/revenue and "Is Everyone in my Business Performing" - useful for any industry or organization, this is the next-generation methodology for turning point-in-time business reviews into an ongoing activity.

The UNIT4 Solution Store will launch in the UK on July 16th, followed by Germany on August 1st, and Norway towards the end of September. Other countries within the UNIT4 group will follow later this year. The next round of Business Analytic Apps are already in development, and will target strategy management, human resources, project management and sales management.

About UNIT4

UNIT4 is a global cloud-focused business software and services company aimed at helping dynamic public sector and commercial services organizations to embrace change simply, quickly and cost effectively in a market sector it calls 'Businesses Living IN Change' (BLINC)™. The Group incorporates a number of the world's leading change embracing software brands including Agresso Business World, our flagship ERP suite for mid-sized services intensive organizations; Coda, our best-of-class financial management software; and FinancialForce.com, the cloud applications company formed with investment from www.salesforce.com.

With operations in 17 European countries, as well as 7 countries across North America, Asia Pacific and Africa and sales activities in several other countries, revenue of €454.7 million was realized in 2011. UNIT4 is headquartered in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands and has over 4,000 employees. It is listed on Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext and is included in the Amsterdam Midcap Index (AMX). For more information on UNIT4 or any of its operating companies, please follow us on Twitter @UNIT4_Group, visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/UNIT4BusinessSoftwareNV, visit the website at www.unit4.com.

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