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August 13, 2014 09:30 ET

United States Government-Supported Ebola Research Consortium Utilizes ViroCyt's Technology for Rapid Virus Quantification

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - Aug 13, 2014) - ViroCyt, LLC, the leader in rapid virus quantification, announced today that its breakthrough Virus Counter instrument is being used by a group of laboratories to develop filovirus medical countermeasures. The Filovirus Animal Nonclinical Group or "FANG" is a US interdepartmental and interagency group established to support and facilitate the creation of vaccines and therapies for Ebola and Marburg viruses. It is co-led by the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services, and includes participation by the governments of Canada and Great Britain.

One of the primary challenges of working with any virus is the need to determine how much of the virus is present at any point in time. "The Virus Counter allows researchers to immediately determine how much virus is in a sample rather than waiting a long time for results from standard virological methods," said Peter Pushko, President of Medigen and virus expert. "The utilization of this technology by FANG, which can be standardized relatively easily, makes even more sense when you consider that there are many groups in different countries needing accurate and reproducible results that are consistent from one site to another."

Traditional methods take days or even weeks to perform and dramatically slow down the availability of products to prevent and treat infectious diseases. This is exacerbated by the requirement that all work on Ebola viruses be conducted in the highest bio containment settings known as BSL-4.

According to Robert Kline, President and CEO of ViroCyt, "We are proud to provide a solution that addresses an unmet need in the effort to solve the growing health threat posed by emerging pathogens such as Ebola. Our primary focus as a company is replacing outdated technologies that slow down the pace of virus-related research and product development."

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ViroCyt, LLC was created in late 2012 to focus on the commercialization of novel technologies that enable rapid quantification of viruses, such as the Virus Counter® 3100. The Company's mission is to provide the tools that deliver meaningful improvements to critical biotechnology processes such as vaccine manufacturing, protein expression, antiviral development and other settings where viruses play a significant role. To learn more about ViroCyt, go to

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