United Treatment Centers, Inc.

United Treatment Centers, Inc.

April 15, 2009 14:01 ET

United Treatment Centers, Inc. Issues Clarifications and Announces its Web Site Update for the Liquid Squeeze Brush Division

ASTORIA, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - April 15, 2009) - United Treatment Centers, Inc. (PINK SHEETS:UTRM) is pleased to announce the following clarification to its shareholders.

Visitors to the old Bel Ea Co site or the Old Liquid Squeeze Brush site were greeted by a warning and comments by Brenda Dillingham. UTRM advises its shareholders that it stands by its announced news releases of the last several weeks, and of its acquisition of the rights for a 50% of Bel Ea Co, and its patent rights. UTRM stands by its right to use the same to manufacture and sale of the products.

"I believe comments posted by Brenda Dillingham in the Bel Ea Co or Liquid Squeeze Brush site are frivolous and without merits and are contrary to the facts. I also believe that it is monetarily motivated, due to the fact the there was another offer for Bel Ea Co's assets from one of the major Dental Manufacturers last February, 2008 for a $20 million plus certain Royalties for the purchase of the patent," commented Todd Spinelli, who decide to sell his 50% stake in Bel Ea Co and the patent rights to UTRM and now is a director, Officer, and Head of the Liquid Squeeze Brush Division for UTRM. "I believe that the deal that I made with UTRM will create the best shareholder return for me and the other shareholders," concluded Mr. Spinelli.

UTRM is also the legal owner of the Trade marks for both "Bel Ea Co" and "Liquid Squeeze Brush" and will enforce its ownership of the same immediately by forcing a cease and desist for the use of those Trademark names.

Frank Ottaviani, CEO of UTRM commented "I invite our shareholders to obtain the information on the Liquid Squeeze Brush from UTRM web site. The Information is being updated and will be up very shortly on www.uintedtreatmentcenters.com."

UTRM is a Wyoming based company, with business operations to promote a revolutionary, patented oral care product which will change the way we do a common, everyday task, and it will do it better. Bel Ea will oversee out-sourced production of a patented consumer product within the $4 billion United States oral care market segment comprising of toothbrushes and toothpaste. The product, Liquid Squeeze Brush is unique. This new toothbrush has primary advantages over existing and traditional toothbrushes: Liquid Squeeze Brush cleans and prevents cavities 35% better than traditional toothpaste because it uses liquid Dentifrice were toothpaste are no longer required to brush, allowing the user to brush virtually anywhere at any time with no water needed.

Additional information is available shortly on the corporate website located at www.unitedtreatmentcenters.com.

This document includes certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on management's current expectations or beliefs, and are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. Actual results may vary materially from those expressed or implied by the statements herein due to changes in economic, business, competitive, technological and/or regulatory factors.

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