SOURCE: Unity Wireless Corporation

January 04, 2007 03:00 ET

Unity Wireless Concludes Successful Trial With China's Second Largest Carrier

Patented Technology Now Moves to Next Stage of Approval

BURNABY, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 4, 2007 -- Unity Wireless Corporation (OTCBB: UTYW) announced this week that it has successfully concluded the first phase 18 month trial of the company's patented synchronized multi source transmission technology with China's second largest wireless carrier. Unity's unique technology overcomes multi path fading and economically increases existing network capacity and coverage.

"After our OEM group's great success with one of China's largest wireless equipment manufacturers, ZTE Corp., we are excited about the opportunity to broaden our market reach into China's massive wireless network operators with our new, patented network performance enhancement line," commented Ilan Kenig, President and CEO of Unity Wireless.

Multi path fading occurs in wireless networks when signals bounce off various obstacles, such as buildings or particles in the air, arrive at the destination point and interfere with the signal that arrives directly from the source, lowering or eliminating the strength of both transmissions. With the increasing density of wireless networks globally, network operators must use complicated tools and techniques to minimize multi path fading. Unity Wireless' patented synchronized multi source transmission technology provides wireless network operators an economical way to boost the capability of their existing base station infrastructure by overcoming multi path fading and increasing network capacity.

"We have successfully concluded the lengthy and detailed 18 month field trial for our patented solution and are now moving to the large scale, live network implementation trial," said Mr. Kenig. He continued, "China has two of the three largest wireless network operators in the world, with 296 million and 141 million subscribers, respectively. The potential for our technology is great and fits incrementally into our overall corporate product and market strategy."

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