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October 13, 2009 22:17 ET

Universal Capital Management Pleased by Lightwave Logic's Increasing Progress

WILMINGTON, DE--(Marketwire - October 13, 2009) - Universal Capital Management, Inc. (OTCBB: UCMT), a Wilmington, Delaware business development company that provides management and strategic growth resources to emerging growth companies, is pleased to see even more positive movement being made with one of its portfolio companies, Lightwave Logic, Inc.

In January 2008 Equities Magazine published an article titled "Making Optical Computing a Reality" featuring then Lightwave Logic CEO, Harold Bennett, who explained the impact Lightwave's technology would have on the optical computing world. ( When commenting on the limitations of bandwidth speed imposed by conventional modulators, Bennett stated, "The incumbent technology, lithium niobate, is running out of steam, and can really not practically go faster that 10 gigabits." That's where Lightwave's polymer (plastic) modulators come in. Based on news released so far regarding Lightwave's core chromophore that has been made and confirmed with repeated positive test results, this industry breakthrough appears imminent.

According to Lightwave's most recent release, the modulator is on the horizon. Again, citing the Equities article, "A modulator is the necessary component that transmits the information from a computer... into a stream of light that runs over a fiber-optic cable. By switching this laser off and on, the modulator is able to communicate information through the cable." The modulator is able to communicate information significantly faster through the cable with much greater bandwidth. Bennett stated that, "We've created the holy grail for photonics with a potential to unleash a thousand-fold more power that the fastest Pentium™."

According to Michael Queen, CEO of Universal Capital Management, "Terry Turpin is one of the world's most respected optical computing minds of our time. After reading his comments in Lightwave's release, we believe that Lightwave is very close to producing the key component for the all-optical computer. Due to the complexity of the science, this unprecedented progress is likely not being recognized as it should be. To put it plainly, we believe this is as big as the beginning of the personal computer, if not Microsoft itself. We are confident that sooner or later market analysts and Fortune 500 companies alike will realize the vastness of this accomplishment. Universal is ecstatic over this news."

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