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November 15, 2016 10:21 ET

Universal PR Interviews End Users on the Ability to Use Android Apps on the Sector 5 E1 Rugged Chromebooks

ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwired - Nov 15, 2016) - Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SECT) and Universal PR announces that UPR interviewed users of Sector 5's E1 Rugged Chromebook.

Sector 5's E1 Chromebook is Google approved and optimized for personal use, B2B and especially for K12 students and educators. It is available at a highly competitive price under $169.00 and comes with a built-in carrying handle and a more robust design optimized for surviving unexpected drops and liquid spills on its keyboard. The E1 is using the latest RockChip 3288c processor providing twice the graphical performance of previous models on the market while delivering a great value at its highly competitive price point.

Chromebooks have traditionally been designed to run Chrome apps only. However, recently released updated software for the Sector 5 E1 Chromebook adds the Android Operating System along with the Chrome Operating System so it's now possible to also run Android Apps on our Chromebooks. To learn more about people's experiences with these apps, we conducted a small anonymous survey with various users from among the thousands of Sector 5's Amazon customers and others asking the question: "Which Android Apps have you used on your Chromebook and what was your experience?"

Below you see the responses (edited for clarity and length).

Respondent A app: VLC Media Player

"I have tried different Android apps on my Chromebook and I find VLC to be very excellent. With it, I was able to enjoy a countless number of video playbacks running smoothly. The control of this app is very easy. It was also very simple to download and install on my Chromebook. It is an app that supports a number of file formats and I enjoy the number of video settings giving it great flexibility."

Respondent B app: Skype

"So far, the best Android app on my Chromebook is Skype. People told me that I couldn't use Skype on Chromebooks but indeed you can. I am able to have video chats with family and friends. When I run it in tablet mode, it never crashes or misbehaves. The Android app is free to use and this makes it one of the most useful Androids apps that I currently have downloaded on my Chromebook."

Respondent C app: Lightroom

"My favorite Android app on Chromebook is Lightroom. This is the ultimate solution for editing my photos. After trying several other apps, I found that only Android Lightroom works well for me. The app works perfectly on my Chromebook as it can easily pull the JPEG and RAW images from my cloud or local storage. I also love its editing tools, which are natively available on the Chrome OS. This makes it easy to edit, with or without a touchscreen."

Respondent D app: Evernote

"I'm using Evernote (Android) on my Chromebook in the tablet mode. Evernote allows notetaking, scanning, interfacing, and easy pointing and clicking. I can easily share different things and save them as notes directly in the Chrome OS. Evernote allows me to sync between my Chromebook and one other device for free."

Respondent E app: Snapchat

"I really love how the Android Snapchat has transformed my Chromebook. I can now message and view all my favorite stories with the app. It works better with my Chromebook. Snapchat is easy to run on my Chromebook. It is the ultimate Android app and I really love it along with VLC and Skype."

Respondent F app: Solid Explorer

"I enjoy using several Android apps on my Chromebook and Solid Explorer especially impresses me with the way it works. It is the best Android file manager and works amazingly with the Chrome OS. With it I can easily manage all the files in my Chromebook. It has a double pane interface that brings about simpler navigation. It also enhances fast indexed searches, drag and drop functionality, and interface with a mouse. This is all I need to make a difference on my Chromebook."

Respondent G app: Microsoft Office

"One of the most remarkable Android apps that I have found is the Microsoft Office app. It includes Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is an app that doesn't need to be connected to the Internet to use. Plus, I don't need to download the app to the Google Drive. I can now easily create various documents from my Chromebook, which has greatly enhanced the usefulness of my Chromebook. If you want, you can add the Office 365 subscription for even more powerful features."

Respondent H app: Pocket Casts

"It is very clear that many Android apps today function better with the Chromebook. Thus I always try them out. Pocket casts is a unique Android app that I love on my Chromebook because I can easily manage all my episodes and even pull all my subscriptions together. It's an app that never costs me that much and I can easily manage all the playback from the notifications. This is a great Android app that has improved the usability of my Chromebook."

Respondent I app: SlideShare

"SlideShare is like a social network for presentations. The app claims over 15 million slide shows in its database, organized by categories like business, technology, and education. The Android app is a good implementation on Chrome, as you can scroll through the various screens to glance at the wide variety of slideshows."

Respondent J app: OverDrive

"Sometimes I need a break from my school and work. OverDrive is an app that connects to libraries worldwide for borrowing eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital content. OverDrive's Android app for Chrome gives the immediacy of the Android app by letting me jump right back into the book I'm reading. Finding content can be tricky as you must navigate through various libraries that have connected to the system, but it's a solid way to get free, legal content."

The Android apps discussed above are just a small sampling of the thousands of available apps now greatly enhancing the usability of our Chromebooks. We expect that app developers will increasingly optimize the development of their Android apps for the Chromebook platform. In fact, there are more Android app developers than there are for any other OS platform. The total number of individual apps developed and available in the Google Play store is approaching 2.5 million. Google intends to dramatically expand its App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) technologies to bring over one million Android apps to Chrome OS and Chromebooks. The Android OS is the fastest growing operating system now reaching 1.4 billion users worldwide.

Sector 5, Inc. (OTCQB: SECT) is a Publicly Traded Proud American Corporation, that develops, manufactures, and sells innovative consumer electronics under its brand name, Sector 5. Sector 5 markets its Chromebooks to educational organizations and other B2B's, and B2C sales channels and distribution with retail sales on AMAZON. It is in development of several new products to serve both the educational, business and retail markets.

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