October 02, 2012 13:13 ET

Universal Social Contact-Book, CallApp, Closes a $1M Round and Provides You Info About Anyone You Communicate With

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 2, 2012) - CallApp unveiled the official beta of its revolutionary crowd-sourced universal social contact-book on stage today at DEMO Fall 2012 . CallApp mobile solution provides you tools & information about anyone you communicate with -- making your conversations more fun and productive.

What is the Problem?

Today, we connect with more people in more ways than ever before. Yet even though we have got really cool smartphones, they do a really bad job of providing us the information we need and assisting us in being more productive while we communicate with others.

What is CallApp?

CallApp provides users with all the information they need about anyone they communicate with, even if that contact is not in their contact-book or in any of their social networks. CallApp displays the contact's latest photo, social activity, websites, email and additional valuable information.

For example: my phone is ringing from an unrecognized number and before I answer I need some crucial information. Who is calling? Why are they calling? Is it urgent? With CallApp installed on my phone, I see that it's actually a famous reporter calling. I see the reporter's picture, that he just checked-in to a nearby hotel and that his latest tweet shows he's working on a story. We're not friends on any social networks nor have we ever been in contact, but I'm able to get all of the background before deciding to answer the call.

CallApp achieves all that by connecting each phone to a universal social contact-book of over half a billion phone numbers. This contact book is integrated with over 50 different information sources such as social networks, online directories, search engines and more. Combining all the information available about people & businesses from the web with everything CallApp users decide to share about their contacts: reviews, spam alerts, comments…

Since CallApp is able to find so much info about whomever you communicate with, it saves you time and makes you more productive by letting you easily interact with them before, during or after the call. This is all done via the Call App platform which lets you set reminders, share contact information or your location, add a note to a contact's info, or even set a meeting with a single click.

CallApp provides a similar experience when you communicate with a business. CallApp shows you its street-view and even a 3D view from the inside. You can view its entire web presence: Yelp, Yahoo! local and Google places pages. You can also see its entire social presence: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+ and even see which of your friends checked-in there lately. By clicking on the various information you can follow the business and get its latest updates, navigate or order a taxi to the place, see the full menu and even reserve a place.

CallApp is the single app that does it all. It re-reinvents communication experience by providing us with the information & tools we need, to make better decisions, be more productive and seize more exciting opportunities! 

CallApp launched its alpha as a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt several weeks ago with huge success. During a period of 10 days 25,000 alpha users used CallApp over a million times.

About CallApp

CallApp Software was founded in 2011 by CEO Oded Volovitz and CTO Amit On (former CTO of Amobee). CallApp raised over a $1m from Moshe Lichtman, former president of Microsoft's Strategic Global Center, and Giza Venture Capital whose recent seed investments in Extreme IO resulted in acquisition by EMC for $430m, merely 2 years after Giza's seed funding. CallApp may be downloaded for free via Google Play. A Sign up for the iPhone version is available via visit 

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