SOURCE: Entertainment Arts Research, Inc.

June 27, 2011 17:00 ET

Universe of Faith Streaming Truth, the Centerpiece of the Universe of Faith, Launches!

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Jun 27, 2011) - Entertainment Arts Research, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EARI) -- Universe of Faith Streaming Truth (UOFST), considered the centerpiece silo of the Universe of portal, has finally launched! To access, visit site at or go to and select "Streaming Truth." Universe of Faith, a subsidiary of Entertainment Arts Research, Inc., has officially closed a partnership with founders, Iain Bryant and Kyle Feno of the Denver-based technology company, Streaming Truth, LLC. Their media platform empowers ministries with the ability to stream live video to the world and to archive content for on-demand viewing access at any time. Founded in 2002, their media platforms support industries as varied as professional sports, higher education, non-profits, and publishing and will be used across several of the UOF silos where applicable.

The long-awaited Universe of Faith Streaming allows for churches and their affiliate ministries to post to their very own Universe of Faith channel, an unlimited amount of pre-recorded audio/video files which can accessed on-line and on demand by anyone at any time of day or night. For the most part, these files will all be preached sermons that have been preserved and archived by the respective ministries and can now be made accessible to the world. These sermons will be presented in the native quality in which they were recorded and UOF will be working with ministries to improve the overall quality of their audio/video presentations for all future uploads; by working with audio/visual equipment manufacturers to provide discounted items, such as lighting equipment, cameras, microphones, speakers, etc.

Universe of Faith Streaming Truth, as its name indicates, is not just a 24 hour on-demand access for an unlimited access to pre-recorded audio/visual content but, it is also a user friendly platform for the live streaming of Christian events which include: pulpit preaching, choir performances, crusades, concerts, conferences, lectures, etc. "In order to best serve the Christian ministries and their communities, we need to furnish the churches with the highest quality production values available, the most affordable rates possible, the simplest procedures for content management, and be able to accommodate all churches regardless of size. While we are content in having achieved this ability we will always continue refine and improve upon our efforts," says Jonathan Eubanks, CEO of Universe of Faith. Universe of Faith Streaming Truth presents very attractive packages that start at $19.99 per month and for that price a ministry can upload an unlimited number of audio/visual files to their channel. If a church decides to add 200 user hours of live streaming per month, that $19.99 goes up to a mere $34.99 per month. If a church were to add an additional 200 user/viewer hours of live streaming, going to 400 hours, then the total cost per month would go to $44.99 per month, while the cost per user/viewer hour actually decreases. According to Universe of Faith Streaming Truth partner, Kyle Feno, "Our technology combined with Universe of Faith's brand and message is a partnership that yields exceptional value for all churches. I look forward to supporting churches of all sizes in expanding the reach and impact of the truth." And, says Iain Bryant, "When we founded Streaming Truth we did so because we saw churches either without the opportunity to broadcast their message, or doing so at exorbitant costs. I could not be more pleased to join forces with Universe of Faith in offering a world class media platform to every church regardless of their budget.

"While live streaming and on demand audio/video may not be new to the internet, UOF CEO boasts that the uniqueness of Universe of Faith Streaming is found, primarily, in the following elements: 1-its complement to the overall UOF market strategy to become the largest online aggregator and distributor of Christian content, 2-it augments the overall litany of UOF products and service silos and, 3-the low cost and low barrier of entry for ministries, thereby, granting churches large scale exposure helping to maximize their outreach footprint."

While Universe of Faith Streaming is viewed as the proverbial "door-opener" initiating the partnerships with the various ministries, UOF acknowledges that in order for these partnerships to remain firmly established and to mitigate against competitor circumvention, it must provide additional channels through which these ministries can increase their donation intake. Therefore, UOF has made available to the churches easy access "Donation" buttons currently with the UOFST site and soon throughout all UOF sites. "We have figured out that by helping ministries to radically improve their ministerial outreach and to increase their potential for increased offerings, this will translate into significant revenues for the Universe of Faith. With UOFST added to Music and Bartering silos that are live and the completion of the virtual world, we are projecting for Universe of Faith, as a whole, our first year earnings to exceed $3.5 million in revenues, our second year to reach just over $28 million in revenues, and by year three, we are expecting to reach just over $78 million in revenues," says CEO, Jonathan Eubanks.

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